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Editorial Guidelines

When submitting your article to, the following guidelines must be strictly followed:


**Preferred type of content:
Sports and Fitness, Love, and relationship, Business, Self Improvement, Health, Entertainment/news, Writing and Speaking, Internet and Computer, Education:

Articles to be submitted must be in English only and must be free of Plagiarism.

It must not contain promotional links or affiliate links and must be relevant and educational. It must not be less than 400 words and well-formatted. Ensure you place submitted articles in the right category for it to be considered for publication.

Articles must not violate or portray any tribe, religion, group or persons in a bad light

Articles must be written in MS Word and authors are responsible for ensuring that all materials used are free of any copyright violation and they conform to international standard (capitalization, punctuation, formatting, etc.)

Submission of Article

Articles can be submitted to

Articles are usually reviewed within 24 hours and if accepted will appear on our Blog instantly.

There are penalties for sending plagiarized articles, and they include:

  1. A warning will be issued to Author
  2. If repeated, Account of the Author will be deleted

Articles to be submitted are allowed a maximum of one attached JPEG File that has an Image alt text.

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