What's your excuse for not pursuing your dreams

What’s your excuse for not pursuing your dreams


What’s your excuse for not being able to pursue that dream of yours? Some give excuses about their poor family background, their lack of education, their lack of connection, their disability, their sex, their tribe…..But the truth be told: ” We got no excuses to give for not fulfilling our dreams and destiny in life “

Inspirational Kechi

If there’s any individual who will give an excuse for not pursuing her dreams, that person should be Kechi Okwuchi. A Sosoliso plane crash survivor, she graduated with a First Class degree from the University of Thomas Houston, Texas on May 16th, 2015. Not only that, but she was also inducted into 6 academic honor societies, was the most outstanding student for her major in Economics, and has already been accepted into graduate school for her MBA.

Kechi survived against all odds

Ms. Okwuchi survived the ill-fated Port Harcourt bound flight which crashed on the runway and killed 107 people, including her close friend who was sitting next to her and late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya.

What makes her story so touching is the fact that she was one of only two survivors on that plane. She was a student of Loyola Jesuit College at the time, a boarding high school in Abuja and was on her way home for the holidays when the crash took place.

She was once quoted to have said, “I remember just saying I don’t know, but I think we should pray or something, I don’t know. We never got a chance. That’s the last memory I have before I blacked out.” The next thing I knew, I was waking up in Milpark Hospital, South Africa. To this day I don’t remember the actual impact of the crash.

Kechi never gave up on her dreams

Kechi has had more than 100 surgeries, including skin grafts in the US as a result of the severe burns which had all over her body. Doctors placed pins to support her hands but this didn’t stop her from reaching for greatness. She emerged as one of the finalists in the Americans got talent show 2017.

She started singing when she was 7 years old, but the turning point in her musical career was when she was 16 and got involved in the ill-fated Sosoliso Plane Crash on 10th December 2005, barely 2 weeks before Christmas.

When asked about how she managed to deal with those difficult moments in her life,  here’s what she said: “Lying in the hospital bed, bandaged head and foot, not being able to move or do anything else, music was my escape.  That’s why it means so much to me” 

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