A true friend

Seven absolute sure ways of knowing a true friend

A true friend is like an angel in the midst of a storm. An amazing comfort whenever one is troubled from within. Who you choose to be your friend or associate will determine the level of your success in life. Your friends will sometime make or mar your future. How then does one know a true friend?

Your true friends are those that bring out the best in you 
If we discover that we are always at our best whenever we are around a certain individual, it is an indication that we have found a true companion. If on the other hand, our growth in life is stunted by the type of association we keep, then it is time to do away with such association.

The right kinds of friends are those with whom we can relate with naturally 
The act of pretense is a commodity that thrives in abundance especially in relationships. If you tend to pretend whenever you are in the presence of a friend, then that friendship is questionable. One indication that we are in the company of a true friend, is the natural flow that is evident.

A friend always believe in your dreams 
A supposed friend once made me disappointed when I shared my dreams with her. Her response was so discouraging, that I stopped sharing my dreams with her. She laughed at my dreams! A true friend will never do that to you.

A true companion will not abandon you in times of need 
‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’. The above quote is full of deep truth and implications. Do friends desert you when you need them most? Do they flock around you when you have more than enough to spare? In the time of sickness, lack, and distress, can you find a faithful friend? If your answer is yes to the above questions, then you have found the right friend.

A true associate will accept you the way you are 
Every individual has one weakness or the other. To some, it may be snoring, to others, it may be laziness. Whatever the weakness, a true companion will always accommodate your weakness. There is nothing as worse as trying to be someone else. It can be frustrating! You are unique and valuable to God in the present dispensation. You were created for a purpose, and nothing should hinder you from achieving that purpose.

Keeping promises is a good sign 
The ability to keep a promise is one of the indications of a true friend. There is some individual who makes a promise and breaks the same at will without recourse to the consequence. A true friend will not make careless promises that cannot be kept, but rather will ensure that all promises are promptly kept.

A real friend will not betray your trust 
To betray is to go contrary to a promise earlier made. Betrayal of trust can hurt so deeply, that millions of relationships have packed up because of this singular act. A popular case of betrayal of trust is between Brutus and Caesar. He joined the enemies in killing Caesar.

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