Tom Moore amazing show of Love

War veteran Captain Tom Moore did the extraordinary when he raised more than 40 million pounds for the NHS that helped him in his treatment for Cancer & broken hips. It was not just a symbolic gesture, but a selfless act by the 99 years old. 

In an age where people are only concerned about themselves, he thought about the pains and sufferings of others going through similar ailments and came up with the novel idea of raising some funds for the NHS as a special appreciation for their wonderful care and support while he was under admission.

One of the remarkable things about Captain Tom Moore’s achievement is the fact that he went against all odds and made the impossible possible. He is not well known as a celebrity. Funny enough, he doesn’t have a million followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. What motivated him to do the unthinkable was pure love. Genuine love is borne out of a beautiful heart. A heart that has seen better days, not our present-day where people only care about things that interest them. 

When you have a good heart, people will always go out of their way to support you. That was exactly what triggered the inflow of monumental support for Tom Moore’s initiative of raising funds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden. 

The original fundraising target for the NHS was £1,000, but in an unprecedented twist of goodwill from those who saw Tom Moore’s amazing gesture, he was able to raise more than 40 Million pounds as he finished his 100th lap walk in the garden with the aid of a walking frame. 

As preparations for his 100 years birthday ramps up tomorrow, the gallant hero has received more than 125,000 birthday cards from within and outside the United Kingdom. It is indeed a noble act, coming on the heels of the dark clouds created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a mark of honor, soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, formed a guard of honor, as the 99 years old second World war veteran bravely made his way for the final laps. 

The Yorkshireman has received goodwill messages from Prince Williams, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the NHS, and other notable individuals. 

This is wishing him an amazing birthday celebration as he clocks 100 years tomorrow (30th April). His name has already been engraved in the hearts of millions of people globally. 

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