English Premier League returns

The English Premier League finally restarts on June 17th

Long wait Finally over

The English Premier League after much foot-dragging has eventually fixed June 17th for its restarts. It was always going to happen, but the question was when? Pressure on the League restart had been coming from stakeholders who are too willing to ignore the danger posed by Coronavirus pandemic with its high death rate, especially here in the UK. 

Last weekend, marked the return of the German Bundesliga, and as I mentioned in an earlier article, all other Leagues across the globe will be itching to jump on the restart project. 

Liverpool currently lies in the first position and would be the happiest team on board the restart train. This is obvious because they’ve waited for 30 years to have a shot at the English Premier League title. A title they allowed to slip from their hands after a Steven Gerrard unfortunate slip against Chelsea in 2014, allowed Demba Ba to hand all 3 points to Chelsea and blew Liverpool title hope away.

coronavirus still raging

Just five days ago, test results carried on English Premier League teams showed two players and staff returned positive results from coronavirus screening. This is not the first time though. Six unnamed English premier league players from Watford and Brighton have both tested positive to Coronavirus before now. Bournemouth confirmed one of the two new cases is among their playing squad. The player remains unnamed.

Uncertainties and mixed reactions

How the remaining matches will be played out is left to be seen, even as fans will be barred from all match venues as the case in the German Bundesliga. 

The restart project is all about the money. It has nothing to do with the lives of the players or those involved in the game. TV right companies have been anxious to get the restart project going. It’s obvious why they want to get this done by all means. Premier League clubs would refund a chunk of TV right money already disbursed if the season is voided for any reason. 

In a coded message to all clubs, the restart comes with a condition attached: “Premier League Shareholders today agreed to a new provisional restart date for the 2019/20 season of Wednesday 17 June, provided all safety requirements are in place”.

It is left to be seen how the whole drama will unfold even as players have returned to training. Preparations are already in top gear for the provisional restart of the league that has already generated a whole lot of debate. As expected, the news about the restart of the English Premier League has generated lots of mixed reactions from football fans.

On one hand, some football fans believe that restarting the league without football fans may not be the best. Others are worried about the intention of the League Stakeholders. On the flip side of the argument, some are happy with the restart date as they have missed football due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is left to be seen if there would be a further postponement of the restart or the stakeholders will stick to their June 17th date. Whatever happens, football will never be the same again without the usual excitement from the stand. The date has been announced and the plans to ensure a safe return will be in full gear. Clubs whose players have already tested positive may not have any choice, but to join the restart project. It seems the lives of players don’t mean much in these dire circumstances.

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