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rejected thrice, he refused to give up

Rejected thrice, he never gave up on his dreams


To be rejected and written off as not been good enough can be very devastating. Rejection comes in different shapes and sizes. Some rejections are minor, and may not pose any major hindrance to the individual progress in life. Unfortunately, some life-changing challenges come in the form of rejection. It takes a full dose of courage to recover from such rejection.

Susan Boyle

A talented songwriter and musical sensation Susan Boyle faced so many hurdles in the early stages of her beautiful career. She was once described as having a low Intelligent Quotient (IQ). She tried unsuccessfully to scale through several auditions, but she was never selected.

Her late mum however encouraged her to stay true to her dreams and give her dream one more push. She got inspired and entered for the 2008 edition of Britain’s Got Talent. That was the beginning of her amazing turnaround. Her rendition of “I dreamed a dream”, captivated the audience and over 10 million viewers that watched her perform. Her moment of success wiped away years of rejection.

Nwankwo Kanu was once rejected

Football Legend, Nwankwo Kanu was once rejected by national team selectors in  1991. At 1991 All African Games, he has decamped by then-coach James Peters because he was too skinny. Nigeria later won bronze. A year later he captained the football team to Atlanta 93. He never took his initial setback to heart but kept on improving his game. He later went on to win laurels for both club and country.

Victor Chiedozie Ojogho was rejected thrice

For  18 years old Victor Chiedozie, he faced rejection thrice. The first time was at a football camp. He shared his touching story: “It was in 2017, at the Abuja football college. I couldn’t make the team due to tribal sentiments. The coach said I wasn’t good enough. Two weeks after I left the academy, the players selected by the coach traveled to Italy for an FA Competition. I was a painful experience, but I had to move on

The Abia State-born footballer kept pushing on and never gave up. He was training so hard and just a few months later, another opportunity came. This time it was tagged “Tough  Season”. It was a football clinic held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

I traveled to the football clinic with my friend. We registered and started taking part in the drills and training sessions. When the list of selected players came out days later, my name was not there. Fortunately, my friend made the list and they traveled to Lagos,  for another 3 months camping. I did my best, but I never knew why I wasn’t selected”.

Another major setback Victor Chiedozie Ojogho experienced, came in 2018 when he was all set to travel to Europe for trials. Unfortunately, the entire plan was aborted when he couldn’t raise the funds for the trip (€3,000).

So often in life, some difficult roads do lead to beautiful destinations. Today, Victor has pitched his tent with Beautiful Strikers FC in Rivers State, Nigeria.  He’s still aiming higher even as he keeps training hard to achieve his dreams in life.

His dream is to play in Europe and make a success out of his career. Watching his high-intensity training sessions, and seeing the belief and determination on his face is a joy to behold.

Secret that kept him going

I couldn’t help but asked this passionate Chelsea supporter, the secret that has kept him going, despite these challenges.

Passion for the game. There’s something about passion that keeps you going. Sometimes you ask yourself if you can even play this game. So many players are better than you, but you keep pushing. 

You know this is who you are. You know this is what you want. You don’t allow anything to discourage you.  I have told myself, if I am ever going to get to the top, it’s by his grace and favor” 

From adversity to limelight

From adversity to Limelight

There are things we go through in life that often bring out the best in us. Some may call it adversity, but I’ll simply call it Inspiration. In the game of football, injuries are bound to occur, since the game is a contact sport. 

There are levels of injuries. The usual cramps or dead leg can result from overexertion of the leg muscles. This does occur among footballers, especially if a particular player has been out of action for a very long time, or has overexerted himself. That’s why it’s common to see players develop cramps if a match extends into extra time. The leg muscles are already tired and feeling exhausted. 

It’s rare to see players who have been out of action for several weeks, come into a game from start to finish. The possibility of getting injured again or getting cramps is very high in such circumstances. 

Another common injury among footballers is a hamstring injury. This is common with players who are known for pace. Then there are the serious injuries like Achilles tendon, knee ligament, and leg fracture. 

For 18 years old Victor Chiedozie, football was what he drank each day. He was passionate about the game he had grown to love from childhood. The desire to develop his football career made him link up with a local club in the oil-rich city of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. 

On November 25th, 2017 however, he experienced a turnaround in his life. An incident that almost ended his promising football career. In an exclusive interview with the talented footballer, he narrated how it all began.

Initially, I had cramps on my left leg due to so much training and it had not healed properly. My coach had told me to rest at home for a week after he noticed my physical condition, but in my head, I felt okay after 4 days at home. I was already missing football and I came back to train the fourth day been Saturday.

At training that fateful day, a teammate of mine gave me a crunchy tackle on the same leg where I was having cramps. There was a cracking sound and I shouted as I felt intense pain. 

The training had to be stopped and I was rushed off the field and immediately taken to a clinic. The X-ray of the affected leg showed a crack in my bone as it were. My leg was put on a cast and I was unable to do any physical activity for 6 months.

While in the clinic, friends who came to visit kept asking me if I’ll be able to play football again. My answer was in the affirmative. I had every reason to be positive. So many amazing stories of players who were laid off by their clubs, due to prolong injuries, but came back strong kept going through my mind. 

Doctors once told 34 years old Santi Cazorla that he won’t be able to play the game he loved so much after a heavy tackle in 2015 left him requiring multiple operations. At a point, his leg was almost amputated. His contract with Arsenal wasn’t renewed and he was left with no club. He still bounced back from adversity and joined La Liga side, Villarreal. His scintillating performance with the Yellow Submarine earned him a call up to the Spanish national team last year. 

Victor, true to his name bounced back from the terrible injuries that left him on crutches. Today he’s making waves with Beautiful Strikers FC in Rivers State, Nigeria. 6 goals and 1 assist in 4 games so far with his new Clubside, before the forced stoppage due to COVID-19.

He has beautiful dreams, and he sees himself in Europe in the next two years. Watching him sweat it out in training, leaves no one in doubt about the amazing future that awaits the young Victor Chiedozie Ojogho. 

Indeed, adversity has toughened him and made him a better player. As they say, Some difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination. Adversity is never a barrier, but a platform to achieving greater things in life

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