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fear and anxiety

Dealing with fear and anxiety

The world, in its complex form, gives both bad and good stakes. Therefore, despite individuals’ or cooperate’ good intentions, everyone will have his share of challenges. Whether it’s a life-threatening situation, lack of wants, a jerk-off boss, or simply safety issues, we’re all going to experience fear and anxiety at some point in our lives.

You must understand that fear can be present in both unpleasant and pleasant situations. But the main factors and determinants of fear and anxiety are psychological. When you are experiencing a strong and uncontrollable conflict in your emotion on a thing that you perceived, it could result in failure, death, or any unpleasant situation. The imagined danger, as a result, is what leads to fear and anxiety.

So how do you balance this hazardous condition in your life? Here are some ideas and tips to help solve the problem.

How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety

There are many ways to address fear and anxiety, but I will show you five tricks to overcome your fear and deal with your anxiety.

  • Develop Self-talk: Start a conversation within yourself- intrapersonal communication. Ask yourself sincere questions, give yourself profound answers. Questions like; what will happen if I do this? How can I escape this mess? Who has experience situations like this? Did they survive it? Does this issue worth to worry about? Be analytical in your talk. After the whole thing, make sure you resolve and make an appealing conclusion.
  • Seek Help: Sometimes, some situations might be bigger than you. It is not everything you keep to yourself. When you are experiencing fear and anxiety, seek outside help, reach out for assistance. It might be from professional personnel (counselor), friends, family, or colleagues. Think of anybody that can help in such a situation. Speak out and speak up.
  • Fight Conflicts Directly: Take a deep breath, take time for yourself, keep your breath calm and relaxed. See to yourself and where your strength lies. Leverage on your previous success, remind yourself of how you overcame some terrible moments of your life. After doing this, launch into action. Fight what is fighting you. Then watch how the fear and anxiety will disappear.
  • Follow your Intuition: Intuition is very powerful in the face of danger, fear, or anxiety. Learn how to listen to yourself. I call this “self obedience.” When you feel like going, don’t hesitate, go! It’s usually an escape route. When your intuition tells you to stop, obey it.
  • Take risks: You would have heard this in many situations; take a risk! Life is a risk; everything we do in life is a risk. Traveling is a risk; eating is a risk; sleeping is a risk… Nonetheless, make sure you take a reasonable, calculatable, and justifiable risk. Don’t let the situation take advantage of you. A risk-taker is a record-breaker. Take the risk, and you won’t die by doing so.

Please note: Ensure you do your due diligence and proper analysis before taking risks.

Face your fear and remember that if the force within is not greater and stronger than the one without, you will be frustrated and be defeated. Nothing can defeat you, not even fear and anxiety but YOU! Your internal make-ups or resolutions are vital in addressing the negative thoughts or incidents.

success is intentional

Success is intentional

Nothing happens by chance. Luck is when your preparation meets opportunity. Sleeping on your bed thinking that you will be lucky someday is just wishful thinking. Therefore, success is an intentional journey. 

You might have heard of a high achieving person who either succeeds in business, academics, politics, or any other field, and you think he is just a lucky person amidst the population. No, it’s not always true. Emphatically, it is hardly true. Ask that person, let him unveil some background story to you, and you will be amazed that success is planned work.

First of all, let me tell you this popular myth about success, a long-aged general misconception. People believe success is about having money, cars, or houses. It is a big lie that has been transplanted from generation to generation. Those could come by chance. You might gamble and win millions of dollars. More so, you might win a lottery and have a car or house.

True success resides in inner satisfaction. When you genuinely succeed, you will be happy and be overwhelmed with inexpressible joy.

Success is not the same as completion; it is possible to complete a task as unsuccessful. Imagine an athlete who participates in a sport and came last, though he finished the track yet is not unsuccessful because the goal is to be the first runner up.

The accomplishment of a goal or good outcome of an undertaking is typically called success. Before you can achieve a goal to become successful, you must be intentional. Hence, your intentionality will produce the following;

Goal setting:

You have the set of goals you want to achieve. Doing this means you know what you are doing and not just a mediocre man with neither bearing nor direction.


Taking action is a roadmap to goal-getting, and it is a thick line between goal setting and goal setting. An action taker is a goal-getter. Know this, and know peace!


your intentionality will take you from an action taker stage after setting your goal to a goal-getter. With this, success is sure!


On your success pursuit, there will be distractions and side many attractions. Life will place many opportunities that look brand and bright before you, which could catch your attention and make you put the options into consideration. “maybe, this is a better choice,” you will think. But it would help if you remained focused and undistracted. To be successful, you must maintain your stance and stand.


The end story of a successful man sounds exciting and appealing, but the process is not as sweet, and the summative tale sounds. You must be consistent and persistent to be successful.

You need to understand that life is not a bed of roses; there are thorns and thistles. Therefore you must be intentional about what to do, where to go, and what to achieve. If intentionality is missing, you automatically have a loophole in your success story.

fear is a killer of dreams and destiny

Fear is a killer of dreams and destiny

There is something that I have always dealt with my whole life for some reason—the fear of other people, rejection, self-expression (especially to a large audience). I am not ashamed to admit that I am also afraid of myself. That funny, right?

Well, that was me until I came across the reality that nothing hinders a man from achieving, like being afraid of his achievement. It is a weapon and instrument of termination of dreams and destiny. You die every day by being fearful of what is to come. A man who is afraid can never actualize his dream.

On October 20, 2012, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Meta company (Formerly known as Facebook Inc.) was addressing the young Engineers and Entrepreneurs in Standford at Y Combinators Startup School, he said;

“I have the fear of getting locked into doing things that are not the most impactful things you can do.”

The statement above clearly reveals his fear of success. He was afraid if he had not left the most crucial thing and started doing insignificant stuff. He started Facebook in 2004 as a hobby, not a company. The purpose was to connect university students, catch fun, and share values. But with that, he said he was afraid if what he was doing was sense-making and impactful.

Today, he is worth about $127 billion. If he had allowed the fear to grip him, he would have abandoned his dream and considered doing other things.

Fear will always show you danger, death, damages, and disadvantages. It underestimates what you can achieve. Moreover, you will be afraid because all you would see is the reason not to start, the possible havoc that can happen if you start, and how unfortunate you can be at the end of the day.

Fear weakens your Action.

Before your dream can come to pass or have your destiny fulfilled, you must act by taking steps every day, even in the dark, when you are not sure of how the next phase will look. And, of course, challenges are certain on every path of success. Fear will impede you from acting by using the syndrome “what if” as a mental instrument to fight and injure your desire for fulfillment. Your head thought will never align with the rightful process of achieving your dream or fulfilling your destiny.

The “what if syndrome.”

Be mindful not to be a victim. This thought is so popular and tends to pop up in the mind of everybody. And sometimes it might come as from external factors such as friends, family, society even the environment. What if I fail, what if no one supports me, what if I die, what if …

Fear creates impossibilities. You see impossibilities instead of possibilities irrespective of how rich and concrete your dreams are. But let me tell you this, what you are afraid of is also scared of you. Face your fear, break the shell, come off the deadly cubicle and achieve your dream



Have you ever thought about what life is, and you couldn’t give any precise definition?

Indeed, knowledge is power, and everyone lives in the reality of what he knows. The level of your knowledge makes you wise or foolish. Everyone at a point in time lacks a particular knowledge. It isn’t good or bad either. Nevertheless, it becomes lousy to the fault when you fail to learn.

I will give definite answers to your question as I show you the beauty of life as a gift.

Life is a Gift

Life is not just a gift but a beautiful gift. It is the best gift you can ever have. This makes it worth living and living well.

“Life is a gift, life is a test, life is a temporary assignment.” ~ Rick Warren

To this claim, you must understand that a gift is a present, either quantitative and/or qualitative, that you offer or you were offered without payment or return.

Equalizing this with life, you’ve been presented with this gift without pay. It is such an unfair advantage that every human being enjoys. Here is a simple equation; when you maximize the gift of life, you have more. This is in the double phase; when the gift of living is spent in a good way, you will have good returns, and when it is spent in a bad way, you will have bad returns.

This means a man is a determinant of what comes to him. He is the architect who designs what happens aftermath. You have been gifted with a beautiful grace of existence; the result after that is your designs.

However, it is worth noting the place of decision; you are the one in charge of what to do in this world 

This gift is not to be used anyhow; it must be jealously guided, utilized, and maximized. Life is a test or assignment; a success opens the door for another but better ones.

What makes Life Beautiful?

Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by good people. Men are prime value, and nothing can replace the function of a man. We are in the digital age, where AI and bots stride the street. Nonetheless, the gift of men is unparalleled.  This is why you feel comfortable and safe in a residential area, unlike traveling through a desert.

Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by nature. Looking at nature gives inspiration, hope, joy, and sweet memory. If you are down, depressed and tired, just a walk through the wonderful nature, play with nature, sightseeing and gaze!

Every moment is a gift, but when the moment passes, the gift is not gone. The real gift is the life and spirit within another.” ~ Donna Goddard, Prana


Discover your purpose and start living your dream

The purpose is that feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead to work for. The purpose is what creates true happiness. J. K. Rowling got rejected 12 times before she finally wrote and published Harry Potter. Even Beyoncé had to make hundreds of songs to get Halo.

There is a popular saying about purpose: “When the purpose of something is not known, abuse becomes inevitable”. This quote is so true in every area of life. Some do struggle in life, even when they are talented or gifted in several ways.

How do I discover my purpose?

This is often the question of most individuals trying to find meaning out of life. The truth is that there are steps and guidelines to discovering your area of competence. For example, when people keep appreciating how good you are in certain specific areas, it may be a sign.

Most often, we don’t see our gifts or talents. People around us can help us point us in the direction of our purpose in life. In this case, you need to pay attention and never ignore what others are saying about you.

Another amazing way of knowing where your direction in life lies is to check inward. Take out time and do a soul-searching probe of your inner self. Your heart is the best tool to discover your true purpose and passion in life. Ask yourself some salient questions: what do I love doing for hours without getting bored? What gives me the greatest joy in life? What is my greatest passion?

The greatest successes in life usually come from having the freedom to fail. Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them. You just have to get started. It is never too late to start living your dream life. All it takes is to discover your true self and start working towards achieving that beautiful dream of yours.

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