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Fighting gracefully against all odds

Fighting gracefully against all odds

One of my favorite quotes comes from an ancient philosopher. He had a clear knowledge of what it looks like going through life challenges. Hear what he had to say: “Be Kind. For everyone you meet is Fighting a Battle you know nothing about”

This amazing quote had changed my perspective about life and how I look at others going through one challenge or the other. You can never tell because of some smile through the pains. You can only see the beautiful face, but deep within is a raging battle.

For the beautiful Lilac, her battle started when she was just 34 weeks old. She had to be placed on life support after she contracted Sepsis and her organs started shutting down. It was a battle for survival, but the charming Lilac was up for the Fight.

Not long after, she was discharged from hospital and everyone thought she had won the battle, but how wrong we can be at times. It was never to be, as Lilac was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at eight months old.

It would have been too much a battle for some, but not the brave Lilac. She came out fighting courageously. Her story is an inspiration to be shared across the world. The story of courage, strength, tenacity, joy, and happiness.

She walked against all odds

The initial prognosis was that Lilac could not walk. It was a devastating blow to the parents, but one beautiful thing I have come to learn about life is the fact that when we are determined to chase after our dreams, nothing can stop us.

Lilac was fighting with all of her might to walk. Her beautiful spirit was too strong to be held back. Daily physiotherapy sessions were done, to strengthen her pretty legs. Each new day brought positive results as she learned how to walk by herself

Charming smiles always

Lilac was never weighed down by her troubles. Watching her kid brother running around and she looking helplessly without being able to join, maybe a bit tough for 3 years old. But she had a beautiful dream. A dream that kept a beautiful smile on her face.

Her desire to keep fighting until she can walk independently has always kept her going. There is presently a fundraising page at Just Giving to help her achieve her dream. Her beautiful spirit has always been kept strong by the support of family and friends.

She presently has access to a hot tub which soothes her tired legs after a long walk, but she keeps smiling always. Making use of walkers and other walking aids to build her leg stamina is currently in progress.

The future is bright

When we never stop fighting, there is always the possibility of getting to our destination in life. For the beautiful Lilac, her tremendous progress over the last couple of months has been amazing. The future is bright, as there is a huge possibility she would walk unaided very soon. She was born a warrior and warriors always fight till the very end.

There is great ability in every disability

Disability in any form is not a hindrance to achieving success in life. Look beyond what people may perceive as disability and look inward to Your immense ability. The level of success we achieve in life is tied down to the quality of our choices and decisions.

Lying within us is all the gifts and resources we need to achieve our goals and ambitions in life. It is, therefore an aberration when individuals complain of their disability as a reason behind their failure in life. I see physical, mental, or physiological disability as an opportunity, not a barrier.

History is replete with stories of individuals who came out of their disability to become a great inspiration to their generation. They chose to become a source of strength to millions who were discouraged and hopeless in life.

Fanny Crosby 
Frances Jane van Alstyne (Fanny Crosby) was a blind songwriter and composer. Fanny wrote more than 2,000 hymns and spiritual songs which have remained a source of great inspiration to millions worldwide. She saw beyond the physical and wrote from deep within her subconscious some of the amazing songs ever imagined.

She shared her personal experiences and how she overcame discouragement and pains. Her disability did not hinder her from unleashing her potential and gift to the world. Fanny never gave room for sorrow or regrets as she was one happy lady, notwithstanding her inability to see the beautiful world surrounding her. What she lacked insight, she much more than compensated with her beautiful heart filled with love and affection.

Joni Eareckson Tada 
This beautiful lady was involved in a horrific diving accident more than 10 years back that confined her to the wheelchair. This did not, however, dampen her spirit; as she remains to date one of the finest motivational speakers the world has ever produced.

Though she remains a quadriplegic, her testimonies and wonderful exposition have continued to endear her to the heart of those daily seeking for love and encouragement. Joni who is unable to perform the simplest of tasks because of her physical condition remains one of the happiest persons of this generation.

Her disability made her a channel of blessings to those in need of answers to various questions. These questions sometimes may never come to those going through these challenges. Fortunately, Joni has helped quite a lot of people searching for solutions to their problems.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is popularly called the iron lady of Pakistan, because of the metals inserted in a spinal cord. She bounced back from a devastating accident in 2007, which confined her to a wheelchair. Always smiling, amid pains, she has become a symbol of courage and strength to millions of people struggling with personal challenges in life.

Today, Muniba is a painter, motivational speaker, model, and activist. Rather than moan endlessly, she turned her adversity into opportunity. She shared the story about how people often see her disability. Unfortunately, lying deep within her beautiful personality was amazing abilities. They were quick to see her weakness because she was confined to a wheelchair. The truth is: She has so much inner strength and inner courage.

Those with one form of disabilities or the other have continued to create exploits in all fields of endeavor across the globe. There are gifted blind authors all over the world who have written bestsellers that have turned the lives of millions around. It’s all about seeing opportunities where others only see adversity. It is all about perception and insight. When you refuse to allow the opinion of others affect your mentality, the journey becomes a lot easier.

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