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Fear is a Killer of destiny

Fear is a Killer of destiny

Fear is one of the most often used words around. It is often referred to as a phobia. There are different types of phobia. Some individuals are scared of heights. Some are scared of driving. Others are scared of darkness. These things look real to some individuals and keep them from achieving their dreams in life. One of the most painful types of phobia is the fear of failure. This is called atychiphobia.

Letting go of fear

Unless you let go of the past failure and you choose to move forward, meaningful progress can never be achieved. Face your greatest phobia headlong and stop allowing it to stop you from achieving your dreams in life. The past is gone, and you must let go of the past. Failure is part of the process, so stop been scared of failing. People who achieved success in life went through the same path. They fell and they got up and moved on. They never allowed fear to hold them in one spot.

Build up self-confidence

Start every new day with a smile. The dawn of a new day is an opportunity for you to start afresh. Put yesterday’s pains and regret behind you and enjoy every moment life brings across your path. Champions do go through pains. They go through heartaches too, but they smile through the pain and build up their self-confidence daily. How do they achieve that? Setting little goals and achieving these little goals one day at a time.

Mix up with the right crowd

Life is beautiful when we go along with the right crowd. When we come in contact with the right friends who will spur us towards our destiny and help us break the barrier of fear. Certain individuals will tell you the reasons why you can’t succeed. Cut off any contact with people that stimulate fear in you. Mix-up with the right people. Vibe with positive energy and start working your way towards the right path.

The process takes time

The process of banishing fear takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. So, never get discouraged when you still get some flashbacks once in a while. Be patient all through and never allow memories of the past failure to dwell too long in your subconscious. Every good thing in life requires time and patience to become a reality. The most important thing is you doing something each day to accomplish the process. Daily, weekly and monthly goals are been written and carried out.

Life only reward the brave

Achieving your destiny even amid challenges is an amazing feeling that can’t be fully described. When Usain Bolt started his career, there was the general belief that no human can break the then 100 meters record held by Tyson Gay of the United States of America. Fortunately for Usain Bolt, he never allowed fear to determine his choices. He went ahead and break the 100 meters world records on the 16th of August 2009 in Berlin Germany at a time of 9.58 sec. Life does not reward the fearful. Life only rewards the brave and courageous.

Dream do come through

How to achieve your dreams amid challenges

Dreams are things we hope to accomplish in the future. Having a Dream in life gives one a sense of direction and purpose. Unfortunately, the road to achieving one’s dreams in life can be bumpy and challenging and some often abandon their dream. Giving up is however not the solution as we would later find out in this article!

In the pursuit of one’s dream, there are bound to be ups and downs, but one must never give in to discouragement and negativity. The first step is to write out your dreams in black and white. This helps you to know what you want to achieve.

Next, you draw out a plan of action on how you intend to achieve your dreams in life. The plan should include, short, medium, and long term plans. The plans should also be achievable, practicable, and realistic. Celebrate every goal you achieve.

Where possible, get a mentor who will act as a guide to help you through the rough patch. A mentor has been there before and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that may tend to discourage you from moving further. Mentors have usually experienced individuals who have walked through the same path and are willing to hold you by the hand and show you some of the dangers ahead.

Below are some useful tips that you would find handy in your journey towards actualizing their dreams in life. Make sure you try to implement some of these tips and avoid taking any of them for granted.

Self Confidence: When others don’t believe in your dream, you got to believe in yourself. Be self-confident about your ability to achieve what others think is impossible. Without confidence in yourself, the possibility of giving up on your dreams is so high. One of the key factors surmounting the challenges of life as you aspire towards your desired goals is the ability to believe in your potential. If you doubt yourself, it’s as good as admitting failure even before the race begins.

Patience is the Key: When you are patient and you work hard towards achieving your dreams, challenges become more like motivation. J.K Rowlings, the Author of the popular “Harry Potter” movie series had her movie scripts rejected by producers and she faced a lot of challenges in her personal life and career, but she was patient and she kept pursuing her dreams. Today she has achieved her dreams and she’s one of the richest female Authors in the world with a net worth of around GBP 750 million.

Challenges make Dreams worthwhile: Nothing good in life comes easy. Making one’s dream a reality doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Challenges are what make the attainment of Dreams worthwhile. If there are no challenges on the pathway to the attainment of dreams, then everyone will become successful. Unfortunately, it is only those who cherish their dreams and are passionate about it will eventually achieve it. So never see challenges as negatives, but positives in the pursuit of your dreams in life

Always have the end in sight: Anyone running a race wants to win a prize. Know what you aim to achieve and that will become your biggest motivation. I once watched a 100M race where the young boy fell at the start of the race. He, however, picked himself up, and with less than 30 meters to the finish line, he emerged in the first position. He had his eyes on Gold!

Don’t look back at Yesterdays Failure: In the pursuit of one’s dream in life, failure may arise. Those who eventually achieved their dreams in life turned failure into success. The secret lies in not looking back. When you look back at the failure of yesterday, the desire to pursue your dreams becomes very weak.

Be Bold: Only the Bold can run the race to the end. A dream will remain just a fantasy if you are not courageous enough to step forward and pursue that one thing in your life you so much desire. So many people have had to abandon their dreams in life because they were told it is not possible. What they fail to realize is that life does not reward the fearful. Life only rewards the brave.

Focus on what you want out of life: Lack of focus can make people lose sight of their dreams in life. Aim at just one thing at a time and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. One of the main reason why lots of individuals are easily discouraged in the pursuit of the dreams is the fact that they are pursuing different things at the same time and they end up not achieving any of them

Dreams can become a nightmare you fail to take the right step to actualize them

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