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Find a product inside your purpose

To prosper with the hidden gem inside you, all you need to do is find a product inside your purpose. Your product will automatically become a solution to the problem you were destined to solve. You were sent unto the earth loaded with solutions and the capacity to unleash your immense potential. One strange fact I must point out at this junction is this- everything that is of immense value is found underneath the earth’s crust.

Crude oil, gold, silver, diamond, topaz, and other precious stones are found beneath the earth’s crust, waiting to be exploited. All you need to succeed in life is hidden on your inside. The moment you dig deep, it will come forth in a massive torrent. Find the solution you were created to provide, Thereafter, you can begin to enjoy a fulfilling life of financial freedom.

Deposited within every individual, is a gift or talent. This beautiful gift or talent differs from one individual to the other. Some have multiple gifts and talents, while others have just one.

No matter, the gift or talent you have, always have the desire to align it with your purpose in life. This will, in turn, help to create a valuable product around the gift and talent.

While growing up, I discover I had this gift of writing. I could create content with ease and come up with ideas within seconds. As I became older, I learned about information product packaging and how one can market this information products for profit.

All I simply did, was attend seminars and training on Information product packaging, and the rest is history. Today, I enjoy some of the skills I have learned and the amazing gift within me keeps flourishing daily.

You too can explore the huge opportunity available within your unique gift and talent and start enjoying the same results. It’s a lot easier when you stay within your area of strength and gradually build on it.


Discover your purpose and start living your dream

The purpose is that feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead to work for. The purpose is what creates true happiness. J. K. Rowling got rejected 12 times before she finally wrote and published Harry Potter. Even Beyoncé had to make hundreds of songs to get Halo.

There is a popular saying about purpose: “When the purpose of something is not known, abuse becomes inevitable”. This quote is so true in every area of life. Some do struggle in life, even when they are talented or gifted in several ways.

How do I discover my purpose?

This is often the question of most individuals trying to find meaning out of life. The truth is that there are steps and guidelines to discovering your area of competence. For example, when people keep appreciating how good you are in certain specific areas, it may be a sign.

Most often, we don’t see our gifts or talents. People around us can help us point us in the direction of our purpose in life. In this case, you need to pay attention and never ignore what others are saying about you.

Another amazing way of knowing where your direction in life lies is to check inward. Take out time and do a soul-searching probe of your inner self. Your heart is the best tool to discover your true purpose and passion in life. Ask yourself some salient questions: what do I love doing for hours without getting bored? What gives me the greatest joy in life? What is my greatest passion?

The greatest successes in life usually come from having the freedom to fail. Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them. You just have to get started. It is never too late to start living your dream life. All it takes is to discover your true self and start working towards achieving that beautiful dream of yours.

I have a Dream and it makes me excited

I have a Dream and it makes me excited

It is common to hear individuals, especially little children sharing thoughts about their dreams in life. I once asked my little daughter about her dreams and her response was simply amazing: “I want to be a nurse, so I can take care of mummy when she is old”. It was her desire and goals, and I enjoyed listening to her sharing details about it.

What’s the true meaning of a Dream

When we talk about having a dream, it has nothing to do with sleeping in the night and having a nightmare of someone chasing you around. Those are quite different from what we are talking about. You don’t need to sleep in the night to know what you want out of life or how you want to go about it.

A dream is something you have a strong desire to happen in your life. Take note of the word desire. It is important we not just desire, but a strong desire for what we want to achieve in life. If the desire is not strong enough, it will end up just been a mere wish. A strong desire is like a fuel that powers a car. When the car runs out of fuel, it stops and can’t move any further, until you refuel it.

A strong desire for something you want to see happening in your life is what keeps you awake at night and working so hard each day. It is like a stimulant and energizes your mind and keeps you focused on your set objectives.

A dream can also be described as having a strongly desired goal or purpose. Here again, we see the keyword desire. There are two other new words- goal and purpose. A goal is like a target you focus your attention on. In a game of football, on both sides of the pitch, goalposts are mounted and a goalkeeper keeps watch over the goalpost to ensure that balls do not cross the goal line.

The dream of any football player is to score a goal against the opponent. To ensure the ball cross the goal line of the opponent and to win the match at the end of 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Another keyword here is purpose. Your dream is incomplete without a purpose. There must be a purpose attached to your dreams in life. Someone who desires to become a lawyer must have a purpose for choosing such a career path.

When the purpose of a thing is not well defined, abuse becomes inevitable. Simply put, when the purpose of your dreams is not well defined, the desire to pursue and achieve your dreams becomes extremely difficult. When the purpose of desiring something positive in our life is well defined, the process of achieving it becomes easier.

Does your dream make you excited?

Growing up, we all have different dreams, but as we become mature and experience the reality of life, some of these dreams become discarded for something more tangible. The core feature of having a dream is the element of excitement it impacts on our lives. If your dreams do not excite you, then something must be wrong.

It’s like a glowing flame that warms your heart and keeps you happy. You get that inner satisfaction and fulfillment from pursuing your dreams and seeing it becoming a reality. Every football player dreams about the World Cup and seeing your country qualify for the World Cup and your name included on the list of players to grace the tournament is what dreams are made of. That is what makes players so excited. It is not about winning alone, it is about achieving something significant in your career.

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