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Failure is not the end of your story

Failure is not the end of your story

We all have experienced setbacks in life, businesses, careers, relationships in one way or another. Some people are depressed right now because they gave their best to something and in the end, it failed.

The only thing going through their mind is that they have done the best they could therefore nothing else can be done and attempting such thing again will only be a waste of time and energy accompanied by another set of heartbreaks that will result in depression once again.

The failure you experience is the beginning of your success story. Nothing good comes easy in life. Things that carry great substance are not cheap to come by. Why then do we easily give up?

When you fail, have a positive mindset towards that situation. Failure allows you to do it better, the opportunity to know how best to do it when you get there again. Remember that, you must not fall before you rise but if you fail, make use of the opportunity to get better.

Jack Ma, the former CEO of Alibaba Group, failed several times before becoming a billionaire. He is one of the richest men in China. He failed at almost everything he attempted from education to career to entrepreneurship.

He failed his middle school examination thrice, got into Hangzhou Normal University in his third attempt, all his ten admission attempt to Harvard University were rejected. He was unable to get a job after graduating from university.

Jack applied for thirty different jobs and got rejected by all and his first two business ventures collapsed. In an interview at the Davos world economic forum, he said ” when KFC came to my city, twenty-four people went for the job. Twenty-three people were accepted I was the only guy who was rejected.” However, that did not deter him from visualizing and founding Alibaba.

Nobody in this world chooses to fail but everyone tastes the bitter pill at some point in their lives. Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right the first time. Every failure is not a winner, but every winner is the output of several failed experiences that culminated in success.

Failure serves as a mirror at each end of our life. It reveals our weakness, strengths, and helps in demonstrating ourselves by strengthing our effects. As Einstein said, ” just because a fish cannot climb a tree doesn’t mean its not smart.” The end is not when you fail, it is when you quit. Never lose faith. Never lose hope and never give up!!!

I have a Dream and it makes me excited

I have a Dream and it makes me excited

It is common to hear individuals, especially little children sharing thoughts about their dreams in life. I once asked my little daughter about her dreams and her response was simply amazing: “I want to be a nurse, so I can take care of mummy when she is old”. It was her desire and goals, and I enjoyed listening to her sharing details about it.

What’s the true meaning of a Dream

When we talk about having a dream, it has nothing to do with sleeping in the night and having a nightmare of someone chasing you around. Those are quite different from what we are talking about. You don’t need to sleep in the night to know what you want out of life or how you want to go about it.

A dream is something you have a strong desire to happen in your life. Take note of the word desire. It is important we not just desire, but a strong desire for what we want to achieve in life. If the desire is not strong enough, it will end up just been a mere wish. A strong desire is like a fuel that powers a car. When the car runs out of fuel, it stops and can’t move any further, until you refuel it.

A strong desire for something you want to see happening in your life is what keeps you awake at night and working so hard each day. It is like a stimulant and energizes your mind and keeps you focused on your set objectives.

A dream can also be described as having a strongly desired goal or purpose. Here again, we see the keyword desire. There are two other new words- goal and purpose. A goal is like a target you focus your attention on. In a game of football, on both sides of the pitch, goalposts are mounted and a goalkeeper keeps watch over the goalpost to ensure that balls do not cross the goal line.

The dream of any football player is to score a goal against the opponent. To ensure the ball cross the goal line of the opponent and to win the match at the end of 90 minutes plus stoppage time. Another keyword here is purpose. Your dream is incomplete without a purpose. There must be a purpose attached to your dreams in life. Someone who desires to become a lawyer must have a purpose for choosing such a career path.

When the purpose of a thing is not well defined, abuse becomes inevitable. Simply put, when the purpose of your dreams is not well defined, the desire to pursue and achieve your dreams becomes extremely difficult. When the purpose of desiring something positive in our life is well defined, the process of achieving it becomes easier.

Does your dream make you excited?

Growing up, we all have different dreams, but as we become mature and experience the reality of life, some of these dreams become discarded for something more tangible. The core feature of having a dream is the element of excitement it impacts on our lives. If your dreams do not excite you, then something must be wrong.

It’s like a glowing flame that warms your heart and keeps you happy. You get that inner satisfaction and fulfillment from pursuing your dreams and seeing it becoming a reality. Every football player dreams about the World Cup and seeing your country qualify for the World Cup and your name included on the list of players to grace the tournament is what dreams are made of. That is what makes players so excited. It is not about winning alone, it is about achieving something significant in your career.

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