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Your passion will create unlimited income streams for you

Passion is the fuel that drives your dream in life. What keeps you going when others have given up is the passion you have for that idea or business. If you want to achieve financial success in life, do what you love to do.

This is one of the great secrets of financial success. This is also one of your primary responsibilities in life. It is to find out what you really enjoy doing, what you have a natural flair for, and then to throw your whole heart into doing it. There is a difference between doing something because you are paid to do it and doing something you have passion for.

A guy once shared the story about how his mum convinced him to become a doctor. He gained admission into the university and struggled all through. Medicine became a daunting challenge for him, as he had to change courses in between and eventually left the university without a degree.

Not too long after, he realized that he never had a passion for medicine. It was an idea that was suggested to him. Today, he is a millionaire living his dreams, making people happy. He later discovered his flair for comedy and studied successful comedians, before venturing out to set up his outfit. It’s all about doing what you have passion for and eventually, the money will come.

There is a difference between getting involved in something because of the financial benefits attached, and having a passion for something. The difference is that when you are involved in something purely for the money, it’s easy for you to become discouraged when the stream of income dries off. 

On the other hand, when passion is the prime mover, you keep striving even if you not getting any financial benefits from what you doing. Time is a beautiful rewarder for those who are diligent. After a while, that thing you are passionate about and you’ve become an authority in, people will pay you for it.

Patience is the key. When you patiently pursue what you are passionate about, the financial benefits will eventually follow with time. It may take a year or two, but be patient, and never get discouraged.

I am passionate about writing. I can be on my laptop for hours unending writing on different stuff that just comes to my memory. It is a passion. It is something that gives me joy. Years back, I was not getting a dime for writing. Fortunately, after a while, people got to see samples of my work online and they contacted me via email and mobile to help them with different writing projects.

I started making some extra income from writing. It was absolute fun doing what you love and getting paid for it. It’s like you enjoy yourself and you get additional incentives for just enjoying yourself. Passion is the key. Discover your passion, and other things will eventually fall in place.


Don’t judge others without showing kindness

We often judge people when in fact we have no reason to do so. From a distance, it is easy to even condemn others and call them names, because we don’t care about them.

The question is: “Have we taken out time to show kindness before we judge them”? Do we know what they are going through on the inside? To build takes time, but to condemn only takes a few minutes.

People may not be as bad as they are been painted. Rather than judge or condemn them unfairly, take out time to first show them kindness.

I recently stumbled on a beautiful story online. It depicts the essence of showing true love rather than been hasty in passing out judgment on others. A story that teaches us the need for patience and kindness.

A couple had been married for several years without a child. For companionship, they bought a Rottweiler puppy, named it Miley, and loved her like a child.

The dog had access to all the rooms in the house. The puppy grew to become a large, beautiful dog and had on several occasions saved the couples from robbery. Miley was always faithful, loyal, and defended its owners against many dangers.

Seven years later, the couple was blessed with the long-awaited son. They were very happy with their son and naturally decreased the attention they had given to the dog. Miley felt neglected and began to get jealous of the baby.

One day the couple left the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle and went to the terrace to prepare a roast. They were shocked as they were heading to the nursery and saw Miley in the hallway with a bloody mouth, wagging its tail.

The dog’s owner thought the worst, they pulled out weapons and began to beat the dog they had loved for many years… after so much beating, they killed the dog… then they rushed to the baby’s room, there was blood everywhere and blood dripping from the baby’s cot… they slowly walked to the cot and found a beheaded snake very close to the baby.

Miley killed the giant snake. Then they realized they had butchered an innocent dog who was faithful to its death. There was a pang of instant guilt that enveloped them when they realized how cruelly they had misjudged Miley’s intention.

How often have we misjudged people without finding out facts? How easy do you give up on those who are faithful to you? What the heart sees is far greater than what the eye sees.
Never judge people by their looks, present situation, and present lifestyle.

Most of us judge people by what we expect them to be, without finding out who they are. Not everyone can relate to you exactly what they feel and how they feel about you!!

How I wish Miley could talk. She would have expressed her love for her owners. The next time we are tempted to judge and condemn anyone, kindly remember the story of a faithful dog, Miley. 

Learning to tolerate someone's excesses is one of the toughest tests to handle. Some individuals can stretch your patience level, but you must learn to tolerate them.

Tolerate everyone that comes your way

Learn to accept people for who they are. You will always come across the good, the bad, and the not so nice. That shouldn’t stop you from being you. At my place of work, I’ve come across very nice people. They make my job look so easy. I’ve also come across people that are so difficult. They make my job look difficult.

 What do I usually do? 

I focus on the positives and ignore the negatives! That has been my source of inspiration daily. You can never choose who to like and who to hate. You have to learn to tolerate everyone that comes across your path in life. It may be tough to do, but when we see beyond their human frailty and become flexible enough to accommodate their weaknesses, it will be easy to tolerate them. 

It is only an unwise person that would expect to be loved and appreciated by everyone that comes across his/her path in life. The truth is, some will deliberately want to hurt you and see your reaction. On the other hand, some will go out of their way to support, inspire, and make you see things differently.

 It’s all about our willingness to have an open mind. There are always few bumps here and there, but we must keep striving and never look back in regrets. We must realize that we too are not perfect.


Learning the act of tolerating others is a sign of maturity. A sign that we are growing up and letting go of yesterday’s pains and disappointments. There are three main reasons why we need to tolerate others:

1. It helps your inner peace:

 When you are unable to tolerate others, there is an absence of inner peace that develops over time. Their presence seems to irritate you and it can create anxiety and depression if not properly handled. 

2. Nobody is perfect and that includes you:

Everyone has their strength and weaknesses. As individuals, if we are sincere to ourselves, we’ll discover we too have our flaws. What that means is that when we come across people who aren’t nice to us, let’s see them as work in progress. An unfinished product that requires lots of patience and understanding to handle. 

3. We can’t love if we can’t tolerate others.

Love is one of the most amazing feelings in life. Apart from desiring to be loved, we must always look out for opportunities to shower love on others. They may not necessarily deserve it, but it helps to plant an amazing seed on their inside.

When people expect you to hate them and what they end up seeing his you showering them with love, it can change their attitude and help them become better persons. It’s not always about us. We can always find happiness when we share happiness with others. 

Dream do come through

How to achieve your dreams amid challenges

Dreams are things we hope to accomplish in the future. Having a Dream in life gives one a sense of direction and purpose. Unfortunately, the road to achieving one’s dreams in life can be bumpy and challenging and some often abandon their dream. Giving up is however not the solution as we would later find out in this article!

In the pursuit of one’s dream, there are bound to be ups and downs, but one must never give in to discouragement and negativity. The first step is to write out your dreams in black and white. This helps you to know what you want to achieve.

Next, you draw out a plan of action on how you intend to achieve your dreams in life. The plan should include, short, medium, and long term plans. The plans should also be achievable, practicable, and realistic. Celebrate every goal you achieve.

Where possible, get a mentor who will act as a guide to help you through the rough patch. A mentor has been there before and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that may tend to discourage you from moving further. Mentors have usually experienced individuals who have walked through the same path and are willing to hold you by the hand and show you some of the dangers ahead.

Below are some useful tips that you would find handy in your journey towards actualizing their dreams in life. Make sure you try to implement some of these tips and avoid taking any of them for granted.

Self Confidence: When others don’t believe in your dream, you got to believe in yourself. Be self-confident about your ability to achieve what others think is impossible. Without confidence in yourself, the possibility of giving up on your dreams is so high. One of the key factors surmounting the challenges of life as you aspire towards your desired goals is the ability to believe in your potential. If you doubt yourself, it’s as good as admitting failure even before the race begins.

Patience is the Key: When you are patient and you work hard towards achieving your dreams, challenges become more like motivation. J.K Rowlings, the Author of the popular “Harry Potter” movie series had her movie scripts rejected by producers and she faced a lot of challenges in her personal life and career, but she was patient and she kept pursuing her dreams. Today she has achieved her dreams and she’s one of the richest female Authors in the world with a net worth of around GBP 750 million.

Challenges make Dreams worthwhile: Nothing good in life comes easy. Making one’s dream a reality doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Challenges are what make the attainment of Dreams worthwhile. If there are no challenges on the pathway to the attainment of dreams, then everyone will become successful. Unfortunately, it is only those who cherish their dreams and are passionate about it will eventually achieve it. So never see challenges as negatives, but positives in the pursuit of your dreams in life

Always have the end in sight: Anyone running a race wants to win a prize. Know what you aim to achieve and that will become your biggest motivation. I once watched a 100M race where the young boy fell at the start of the race. He, however, picked himself up, and with less than 30 meters to the finish line, he emerged in the first position. He had his eyes on Gold!

Don’t look back at Yesterdays Failure: In the pursuit of one’s dream in life, failure may arise. Those who eventually achieved their dreams in life turned failure into success. The secret lies in not looking back. When you look back at the failure of yesterday, the desire to pursue your dreams becomes very weak.

Be Bold: Only the Bold can run the race to the end. A dream will remain just a fantasy if you are not courageous enough to step forward and pursue that one thing in your life you so much desire. So many people have had to abandon their dreams in life because they were told it is not possible. What they fail to realize is that life does not reward the fearful. Life only rewards the brave.

Focus on what you want out of life: Lack of focus can make people lose sight of their dreams in life. Aim at just one thing at a time and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. One of the main reason why lots of individuals are easily discouraged in the pursuit of the dreams is the fact that they are pursuing different things at the same time and they end up not achieving any of them

Dreams can become a nightmare you fail to take the right step to actualize them

talent alone is not enough

Talent alone is not enough to guarantee success in life

Talent is an inherent gift deposited in everyone at birth. You don’t struggle to become talented. it is something that is either innate, or you spend years acquiring it via deliberate practice or preparation. If you are talented, you are talented. All you need to do is develop the talent to suit the specific field of endeavor. Take singing, for example, some talented musical artiste doesn’t struggle to produce an album. They literarily release best-selling albums annually.  It’s a natural gift.

The late Pop icon Michael Jackson was recognized as a talented musician even at age 8. He was already going on stage with the Jackson 5 at such tender and singing with so much passion and confidence. That’s what talent helps the individual to accomplish. It gives you inner confidence. You can easily soar where others are struggling. 

It, however, takes more than talent to succeed in life. There are numerous examples of talented footballers who couldn’t fulfill their potentials in life. The likes of Mario Ballotelli,  Robinho, Adriano, and Ben Arfa showed a glimpse of their talents but they never got to the peak of their career. 

You need to be Self-disciplined to fulfill your true potentials in life. Lack of discipline is the number one reason why most talented individuals never got to excel in their chosen profession. Live a disciplined lifestyle and never compromise on certain standards if you truly want to maximize your talent. 

On the other hand, Good time management is crucial in ensuring that individual talent doesn’t go to waste. Time management is the process of meticulously scheduling your time between several activities that will impact positively on your productivity. There are 8760 hours in a year, and any time wasted in frivolities can never be recovered. 

Talent mixed with patience is an unbeatable combination. Developing your natural talent doesn’t happen overnight. Phil Foden is generally regarded as heir apparent to David Silva. He is so talented that Pep Guardiola, Manchester City Manager, in one of his press briefings said ” Phil Foden is the most talented player I have ever seen in my career as a Manager. His only problem is sometimes his manager doesn’t put him in the starting XI. Hopefully in the future that can improve.”  

There is little one can achieve in life without wisdom. One never rely on talent alone. There is a limit your talent can take you to. Wisdom is the right application of Knowledge. Knowing is not enough. Being talented is not enough. To succeed in your chosen career, you must apply wisdom daily. That is the more reason why mentoring is very crucial in building up talented individuals. A mentor will guide you through the journey of life and help you harness your talent. 

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