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Edema Peter

I once went a whole season without scoring- Edema Peter

The dream of every striker is always to find the back of the net. That is the primary reason why they are signed. Unfortunately, every striker experience goal drought along the journey of their career. Edema Peter, a striker with Gbagada FC, Lagos Nigeria, shared his experience with me in an exclusive chat recently.

In my first season with Gbagada FC, it wasn’t so easy for me. I went through the entire season without scoring a goal. It was a difficult moment in my career. There were days I went home after a match, feeling so empty and unhappy

The truth is that world-class strikers also experience goal drought along the way. Take the case of Saido Berahino, who was so clinical in front of goal for West Bromwich Albion scoring a total of 35 goals in 100 appearances. He however went 48 games without scoring a goal. One of the longest goal droughts in the Premiership.

This season has however been good so far for the Ondo State-born goal-poacher Edema Peter, who is currently on top of the goal scorers chart in the Creative Championship with 5 goals. He is brimming with renewed confidence in front of goal, as he spearheads the Gbagada FC attack.

A graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Edema emerged as the most valuable player during his National Youth Service in Ekiti State. The eldest of four kids, he was quickly snapped up by Nigeria National League side Ekiti United, who gave him a 2 years contract.

Things did not however turn out as expected for the big No9, as he got a knee injury that kept him out of the game for 7 months. It was a huge blow to his footballing career, as he never got to play for Ekiti United.

Sometimes, things happen for a reason. When I got injured immediately I signed for Ekiti United, the pain of not playing for several months was so much. I struggled to fight my way back from injury, and it was not easy”.

In 2018, things turned around for good as he got an invitational trial with Gbagada FC, and after a few matches with the Lagos-based side, he was signed on. The excitement was immense, as he had the opportunity to once again blossom in his football career.

At first glance, one is tempted to think Gbagada FC is a club in Europe. Seeing the amazing set-up within the club, ranging from the branded team bus, beautiful pitch, customized jersey, standard Gym, and dressing room. The professional touch can easily be seen from within and outside the club.

The professional touch currently in place at the club has been birthed by the owner and manager of the team- Akinyelu Olajide. He has been the brain behind the amazing development taking place within the team.

Asked about the impact the manager has had on his career, Edema Peter didn’t mince words: “He has taught me all I have learned till date. Always patient with me, even when the goals weren’t coming. He has instilled so much confidence in me. This has molded me into a better person and a better striker in front of goal

Gbagada FC, no doubt has got so much going for them. This has seen a plethora of official partners, helping them to achieve their cooperate goal as a team. As of the last count, the team has a total of six official partners:

Edema Peter resurgence in front of goal saw him recently, scoring his first professional hattrick for the Lagos based side in a 3-3 draw against Iganmu FC in an entertaining encounter that saw the striker showing his prowess in the air with two well-headed goals and a well-taken penalty kick.

He later dedicated the hattrick to his late Dad and inspiration. Describing the dad who died in 2014, as someone who gave him the foundation he presently enjoys academically. An immense inspiration in the early stage of his life.

Dad was always there for me when I needed him. He was a journalist, and was interested in sports, and helped encouraged me in my football career. My Mum who is an Orthopedic doctor has also been supportive. Always there to nurse me whenever I had injuries. Hopefully, she would enjoy the fruit of her labor when I make it to the top

Asked about how he gets inspired for games, he never wasted time in responding: “Jamie Vardy of Leicester FC has always been my main motivation. I love the way he scores goals for his team and I usually watch clips of his goals before each game. I keep telling myself, that I can do it just like Jamie Vardy is doing it”

On a final note, he opened up on the essence of hard work and the need to keep striving and never give up on one’s dream. “The journey is not easy, because each day one is learning to become better. My target is to score about 20 goals this season, and I know with patience, hard work, and the help of my teammates and Coach Akinyelu Olajide, I will make it”


An Entrepreneur needs these 7 Qualities

Although every entrepreneur is unique and positively endowed in terms of gifts, talents, and abilities, however, some entrepreneurs possess some exceptional qualities which stand them apart from the average business owner. Highlighted below are some of the qualities that can make a difference in the life of an entrepreneur:

Positive Mindset

To succeed in life, one must have the ability to be optimistic. Optimism is the ability to think of possibility even in the face of failure and defeat. A positive minded entrepreneur is always searching for a solution to a problem. This unique quality gives the entrepreneur an edge over the average business owner.

Goal Setters

The ability to set and achieve a goal is another unique characteristic of a business person. Setting daily, monthly and yearly goals is a priority in the life of an entrepreneur. These goals are a great source of motivation and incentive.


The success of every entrepreneur depends largely on the ability to focus on the essential things in life. It is only when one can focus on life, that one can have the rare ability to concentrate on issues that are key to the attainment of the desired end. This unique characteristic is present in the life of every entrepreneur.


This is the ability to remain committed to a course or goal. If you are determined, procrastination will never be a problem. Determination is a virtue that keeps a business person on alert. it is like a prime mover in the wheel of the entrepreneur as the ability to venture into areas where others are afraid to go is made available.


There must be a desire and a burning passion inside of you before you can obtain whatever you need in life. If you are passionate about success, it is a sign that you are on the right track. Having a passion for something will give you the extra energy to continue when others have given up. It is what keeps you awake at night when others are busy sleeping.


This is the ability to envision the result of plans and proposals earmarked for the achievement of the desired goal. A business person can see profit where others are seeing losses. Foresight will enable the entrepreneur to make a sound decision and set distinct goals.


What distinguishes an exceptional entrepreneur from the average business owner is the ability to come up with new ways of doing things. They are creative and unusual in their thinking pattern. One thing that they have going for them, is the ability to implement these creative ideas. Fear of failure does not hinder them from achieving their set goals and desires.


Haters don’t determine who we are: Ignore them

Haters are individuals who use negative words, critical comments, and behavior to bring others down by making them look or feel bad. These hurtful and negative comments can be delivered in person, online, or texts.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to live your life; whether you build a business or work a corporate job, have children or choose not to, married or not yet married, travel the world or live in a small town all your life, fat or slim, go to the gym all week or sit on the couch all day, whatever you do, someone will always be a hater. People will always find a reason to project their insecurities, fears, and negativity onto your life and you will have to deal with it.

People might tell you that your business, career, relationship, marriage will never succeed or that you will never accomplish your goals. Worrying about their opinions of you will only make you worse off. Letting others control your thoughts and actions just so they will like you is no way to live life unless you want to be a robot.

We cannot get everyone to like us. Learning to accept that not everyone is going to like you will enable you to focus your attention on working to become a better person. Don’t let haters bring you down, they have no idea of what you are capable of achieving. Ignore their words or let it fuel your motivation.

What someone says about you does not define who you are. His or her opinion of you does not determine your self-worth. You don’t have to win their approval let it go and just be the best person you can be. Haters will always be there. Anyone on the journey to success has them and must know how to remain motivated despite the discouragement and criticism of people.

What you should understand is that these people are telling you what they think about themselves not you. So if they tell you that building your dream business, career or relationship is impossible, this is what they believe for themselves not you. 

They are simply projecting their own belief onto you and you have nothing to do with it. Haters don’t hate you. They hate themselves because you are a reflection of what they wish to be!! 

Dream do come through

How to achieve your dreams amid challenges

Dreams are things we hope to accomplish in the future. Having a Dream in life gives one a sense of direction and purpose. Unfortunately, the road to achieving one’s dreams in life can be bumpy and challenging and some often abandon their dream. Giving up is however not the solution as we would later find out in this article!

In the pursuit of one’s dream, there are bound to be ups and downs, but one must never give in to discouragement and negativity. The first step is to write out your dreams in black and white. This helps you to know what you want to achieve.

Next, you draw out a plan of action on how you intend to achieve your dreams in life. The plan should include, short, medium, and long term plans. The plans should also be achievable, practicable, and realistic. Celebrate every goal you achieve.

Where possible, get a mentor who will act as a guide to help you through the rough patch. A mentor has been there before and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that may tend to discourage you from moving further. Mentors have usually experienced individuals who have walked through the same path and are willing to hold you by the hand and show you some of the dangers ahead.

Below are some useful tips that you would find handy in your journey towards actualizing their dreams in life. Make sure you try to implement some of these tips and avoid taking any of them for granted.

Self Confidence: When others don’t believe in your dream, you got to believe in yourself. Be self-confident about your ability to achieve what others think is impossible. Without confidence in yourself, the possibility of giving up on your dreams is so high. One of the key factors surmounting the challenges of life as you aspire towards your desired goals is the ability to believe in your potential. If you doubt yourself, it’s as good as admitting failure even before the race begins.

Patience is the Key: When you are patient and you work hard towards achieving your dreams, challenges become more like motivation. J.K Rowlings, the Author of the popular “Harry Potter” movie series had her movie scripts rejected by producers and she faced a lot of challenges in her personal life and career, but she was patient and she kept pursuing her dreams. Today she has achieved her dreams and she’s one of the richest female Authors in the world with a net worth of around GBP 750 million.

Challenges make Dreams worthwhile: Nothing good in life comes easy. Making one’s dream a reality doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Challenges are what make the attainment of Dreams worthwhile. If there are no challenges on the pathway to the attainment of dreams, then everyone will become successful. Unfortunately, it is only those who cherish their dreams and are passionate about it will eventually achieve it. So never see challenges as negatives, but positives in the pursuit of your dreams in life

Always have the end in sight: Anyone running a race wants to win a prize. Know what you aim to achieve and that will become your biggest motivation. I once watched a 100M race where the young boy fell at the start of the race. He, however, picked himself up, and with less than 30 meters to the finish line, he emerged in the first position. He had his eyes on Gold!

Don’t look back at Yesterdays Failure: In the pursuit of one’s dream in life, failure may arise. Those who eventually achieved their dreams in life turned failure into success. The secret lies in not looking back. When you look back at the failure of yesterday, the desire to pursue your dreams becomes very weak.

Be Bold: Only the Bold can run the race to the end. A dream will remain just a fantasy if you are not courageous enough to step forward and pursue that one thing in your life you so much desire. So many people have had to abandon their dreams in life because they were told it is not possible. What they fail to realize is that life does not reward the fearful. Life only rewards the brave.

Focus on what you want out of life: Lack of focus can make people lose sight of their dreams in life. Aim at just one thing at a time and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. One of the main reason why lots of individuals are easily discouraged in the pursuit of the dreams is the fact that they are pursuing different things at the same time and they end up not achieving any of them

Dreams can become a nightmare you fail to take the right step to actualize them

Faith Ezinne

Faith Ezinne- The amazing story of the talented Young Midfielder

Faith Ezinne may not be a household name in football, but trust me, she has the potential of a rising star. Beautiful, intelligent, well-built, and hard-working, she has big dreams in her chosen career as a footballer. We all have dreams. We all have goals. We all have aspirations in life. The story is not different from Faith Ezinne, an attacking midfielder with Dream Star ladies FC of Lagos, Nigeria. She has an amazing dream of winning the FIFA Women’s World Cup with the Nigeria Super Falcons.

Tall dreams some may say, but knowing the fact that the Nigerian National female team, the Super Falcons have never lifted the coveted FIFA Women’s World Cup is an added motivation. The amazing fact about life is that there’s nothing one cannot achieve in life as long as you are determined to pay the price.

The 5 foot 2 inches tall talented midfielder who hails from Okija in Anambra State, southeast Nigeria, is determined to break boundaries and achieve the ultimate in her footballing career. Some may wonder how possible is it for her to achieve her dreams. Fortunately for the talented footballer who has so much self-confidence, anything is possible in life as long as one believes.

Discovered at a tender age of 7, she has played for Academy side Palm Island FC of Lagos, Nigeria, before signing a year and a half contract with Dream Star Ladies FC, Lagos Nigeria where she has so far scored an impressive 3 goals in 6 matches during pre-season friendlies.

Weighing at 57kg, Faith Ezinne who wears the popular Jersey number 10 for the Dream Star ladies FC will always remember her late mum as the main motivation behind her choice to play football. “My Mum was always there to encourage me. She was there to watch me during games and each time she tells me not to be afraid of other players”.

When asked about her favorite teams locally and internationally, she talked about her love for Heartland Queens of Owerri in Imo State, Nigeria. It was the Club that made her develop a passion for the game. She also mentioned Rivers Angels of Port Harcourt as another female team she admires. On the International stage, she loves Chelsea Ladies FC of London, England, and Manchester City women’s team.

Talking about football players, she mentioned Tochuckwu Oluehi, the Rivers Angels of Port Harcourt and Super Falcons of Nigeria goalkeeper as an inspiration sighting her performance for the Super Falcons of Nigeria at the 2018 African Women Championship. Vivian Ikechukwu of Rivers Angel FC Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Ellen White of Manchester City, and Megan Raponie of the United States Female National team are some of her favorite female footballers. She’s also a huge fan of Brazilian female footballer Marta and Argentine international superstar Lionel Messi.

On a lighter note, Faith shares some secret passion for athletics also loves writing, catering, and baking. She keeps training each day except Sundays even as the lockdown due to coronavirus has created a pause on all sporting activities worldwide. Only time will tell, but till then, her dream of playing for the Super Falcons of Nigeria keeps pushing her to improve her game and stay in top shape!

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