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Don’t judge others without showing kindness

We often judge people when in fact we have no reason to do so. From a distance, it is easy to even condemn others and call them names, because we don’t care about them.

The question is: “Have we taken out time to show kindness before we judge them”? Do we know what they are going through on the inside? To build takes time, but to condemn only takes a few minutes.

People may not be as bad as they are been painted. Rather than judge or condemn them unfairly, take out time to first show them kindness.

I recently stumbled on a beautiful story online. It depicts the essence of showing true love rather than been hasty in passing out judgment on others. A story that teaches us the need for patience and kindness.

A couple had been married for several years without a child. For companionship, they bought a Rottweiler puppy, named it Miley, and loved her like a child.

The dog had access to all the rooms in the house. The puppy grew to become a large, beautiful dog and had on several occasions saved the couples from robbery. Miley was always faithful, loyal, and defended its owners against many dangers.

Seven years later, the couple was blessed with the long-awaited son. They were very happy with their son and naturally decreased the attention they had given to the dog. Miley felt neglected and began to get jealous of the baby.

One day the couple left the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle and went to the terrace to prepare a roast. They were shocked as they were heading to the nursery and saw Miley in the hallway with a bloody mouth, wagging its tail.

The dog’s owner thought the worst, they pulled out weapons and began to beat the dog they had loved for many years… after so much beating, they killed the dog… then they rushed to the baby’s room, there was blood everywhere and blood dripping from the baby’s cot… they slowly walked to the cot and found a beheaded snake very close to the baby.

Miley killed the giant snake. Then they realized they had butchered an innocent dog who was faithful to its death. There was a pang of instant guilt that enveloped them when they realized how cruelly they had misjudged Miley’s intention.

How often have we misjudged people without finding out facts? How easy do you give up on those who are faithful to you? What the heart sees is far greater than what the eye sees.
Never judge people by their looks, present situation, and present lifestyle.

Most of us judge people by what we expect them to be, without finding out who they are. Not everyone can relate to you exactly what they feel and how they feel about you!!

How I wish Miley could talk. She would have expressed her love for her owners. The next time we are tempted to judge and condemn anyone, kindly remember the story of a faithful dog, Miley. 

Kindness always wins

Kindness will always be a subject that is dear to my heart. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly side of people several times and the tide keeps tilting towards the bad and the ugly. It is understandable when one considers the difficult times we are in. Unfortunately, kindness does not require one to be comfortable before been manifested. When you go out of your way to help someone in need even when you are not in the best position to help, that is kindness personified. 

Years ago, while still in school, I encountered some financial challenges and it was becoming extremely difficult for me to even feed myself. We were almost rounding up for that session and I had three more papers to write before exams would be over. 

I couldn’t read or concentrate on anything meaningful because I was gradually starving to death. I was forced to visit a lady friend of mine who stayed two blocks from where I lived. She was asking about my welfare and how I was doing. 

I confided in her about the dire situation of things at home. She wasn’t having much, but from nowhere, she packaged some foodstuffs and gave me some little cash to take care of myself. I appreciated her and hurried back home. Her kindness towards me was overwhelming. I cried a bit before I got hold of myself. Two weeks back, I had sent a message back home to my Uncle requesting help, but not an atom of assist was forthcoming. 

Most times, we receive kindness from the most unlikely sources. People we barely know end up doing extraordinary things for us. Those we look up to as friends may eventually turn their backs on us. That’s the irony of life itself, and the sooner one gets used to it, the better. 

Each day I reflect on the life and times of Mother Teresa, my heart is lifted. My soul is inspired to do the little I can for those who may be too weak or underprivileged. She was so engrossed in helping children who had no father or mother. Children who had nothing to eat or clothes to put on. Mother Teresa gave them hope and a purpose for living. She showed kindness where others were too preoccupied with their personal needs. She died in their midst and showed a glimpse of kindness to the World. 

The funny thing about Mother Teresa is that people still criticized her for doing good. You can’t please everyone in life. Some will deliberately question your act of kindness and reject your gift of Love. And like Mother Teresa said: ‘The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.’.

We now live in a world that is so cold and emotionless. People hardly go out of their way to extend kindness via material things and even in words. If we can’t help those who may be in desperate need, the least we can do is to ensure we don’t add to their burden.

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