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Find a product inside your purpose

To prosper with the hidden gem inside you, all you need to do is find a product inside your purpose. Your product will automatically become a solution to the problem you were destined to solve. You were sent unto the earth loaded with solutions and the capacity to unleash your immense potential. One strange fact I must point out at this junction is this- everything that is of immense value is found underneath the earth’s crust.

Crude oil, gold, silver, diamond, topaz, and other precious stones are found beneath the earth’s crust, waiting to be exploited. All you need to succeed in life is hidden on your inside. The moment you dig deep, it will come forth in a massive torrent. Find the solution you were created to provide, Thereafter, you can begin to enjoy a fulfilling life of financial freedom.

Deposited within every individual, is a gift or talent. This beautiful gift or talent differs from one individual to the other. Some have multiple gifts and talents, while others have just one.

No matter, the gift or talent you have, always have the desire to align it with your purpose in life. This will, in turn, help to create a valuable product around the gift and talent.

While growing up, I discover I had this gift of writing. I could create content with ease and come up with ideas within seconds. As I became older, I learned about information product packaging and how one can market this information products for profit.

All I simply did, was attend seminars and training on Information product packaging, and the rest is history. Today, I enjoy some of the skills I have learned and the amazing gift within me keeps flourishing daily.

You too can explore the huge opportunity available within your unique gift and talent and start enjoying the same results. It’s a lot easier when you stay within your area of strength and gradually build on it.


Service is your secret to financial freedom

Service means you utilize every opportunity to give your talent, gift, and everything you have to the good of others. When you serve, you attract the best things in life. It’s not about money all the time. When you go through the biography of some successful men and women, one thing that stands out is the desire to serve. They didn’t put money at the front burner. When they served faithfully, other benefits began to flow in naturally.

When a business is set up primarily for profit-making, it becomes extremely difficult to achieve success. I love what Richard Branson the CEO of the Virgin Group said: “Never go into business purely to make money. If that’s the motive you’re better off doing nothing”

One of the primary reasons for going into any business is to fill a need. People have needs for different things. Whether its the need for food, the need for clothing or shelter, the need for education, or the need to have a hair cut.

These are specific needs, and they require specific services. If you see a need within your immediate environment that can be filled, all you can do is create a business out of it.

The intention may not necessarily be to make money but to provide value-added service for people. The money will flow in naturally as a product for services rendered. What we must understand about business is that without service, there can be no business. When you can serve people, they would be more than willing to pay you above what you would have charged.

The idea is to avoid greed for making quick money which oftentimes motivates certain individuals into specific businesses. Such businesses don’t last for long, as they soon fade away due to low patronage as a result of poor services been rendered to customers.

You may want to ask why virtually all companies have customer care service? The answer is simple. They value their customers and would be more than willing to satisfy them by providing a platform where they can channel all their complaints. This is a medium through which services can be improved and a relationship can be fostered.

Another vital reason why a business is created is for customers. Without customers, there can be no business. The secret of retaining customers is to provide them with service that would motivate them to keep coming back.

The market is becoming so competitive that businesses are looking for ways to improve their service delivery. Any single lapse by customer service may spell doom for any business that is aiming for the top.

Most businesses succeed via referrals from satisfied customers. The opposite is the case, as an embittered customer can tell a couple of friends about his or her experience in terms of service delivery. Those friends will end up telling their other friends and so the chain reaction continues.

Some amazing benefits of adopting value-added service to clients include: customer retention, increased productivity, increased profitability, and loyalty from customers. It may cost you a little to implement, but the benefits far outweigh the initial cost at the end of the day.


Discover the hidden talent inside of you

Serena and Venus Williams became household names before they turned 25, but that was before their father who loved lawn tennis had been careful enough to know that his daughters were born to become lawn tennis champions. He knew the treasure these little girls were carrying on their inside.

The day you can identify the gift on your inside, it will be impossible for you to become stranded in life. The reason why millions fail amid countless possibilities and opportunities is tied down to ignorance.

I will never forget the story of a man who went begging for bread when right inside his room was a check of $5,000 sent to him by an insurance company for claims due to him from his previous employer. He never knew how to read or write and he died without enjoying the benefit of his labor.

That is the same tragedy that occurs in the world daily, as thousands of brilliant and creative individuals die daily without utilizing the treasures lying on their inside. They go to the grave with ideas that would have liberated their entire generation from financial poverty and distress.

The first step towards living a meaningful life is to discover the hidden talent inside you. Everyone carries within them, a measure of gift and talent. These talents when discovered can be nurtured and utilized positively. It takes patience, hard work, and determination to harness your talent, but it is always worthwhile.

Today, the beautiful gift Richard Williams discovered in both Serena and Venus, 35 years ago, has blossomed into amazing talent. It all started from diligently looking out for that special spark, then carefully grooming it into something big.

Remember, it is not always rosy and smooth sailing, even when you are talented. Great athletes and talented individuals do go through dry spells. Patience, perseverance, and focus are the key attributes that will see you to the finish line.


Some funny prayers can still receive urgent answers

Prayers are usually our ways of expressing our heart feeling to the creator in times of appreciation or need. And so it was some years ago on a cold windy Saturday night. I joined the youths for a rally within the small sleepy town called Mereje. It was time to go home and we all walked home happily after a successful rally. In the company was my best friend Tonia. An amazing friend she was to me. Black, beautiful and gracious in beauty and character.

As we made our way home, she called me aside and slipped a small parcel into my hands. It was a touch of class and love. I could barely resist the temptation of opening the parcel before I got home, but I had to stop myself from doing that knowing the fact that others were watching. It was the longest 30 minutes of my entire life.

Finally got home and as soon as I got into my room, I tore the parcel open and wrapped within the parcel was a beautifully designed wristwatch and an envelope. I gently tore the envelope and folded inside was a pink hand-made card. It was so beautiful that my heart raced a degree high as I opened it.

Written in the most elegant handwriting were the loving thoughts of my friend Tonia. I sat on my bed and read line after line. It was like she was sitting next to me. The message within the card echoed through my small room.

‘Hi Clement

Treasures are hard to find

But they are worth the pain

True friends are rare to come across

They not only bring joy, happiness, and fulfillment

But also inspire us to greatness

More than a treasure you are to me, and like a true friend, you have been one of the reasons why I wake up daily.

Added sunshine to my life and have shown me through your simple, humble, and loving affection that there are still good people out there.

I love your warm and gentle spirit


It took me a while to get myself together, before looking at the beautiful wristwatch she wrapped inside the package. It was a silver wristwatch that came with a unique alarm system. The alarm sound was that of a rooster crowing.

The following weekend, we had a camp meeting and I took my precious wristwatch along with me. Unfortunately, I set the alarm wrongly. Rather than set it at 6 am, I mistakenly set it at 1 am. We had all fallen asleep when suddenly in the middle of the night, a mysterious sound pierced the serene atmosphere. It was the sound of a rooster crowing, and the sound was coming from a bag in one of the tents.

Rachel, one of the most pious sisters in our midst burst in prayers. She prayed with all her strength against any evil attack and demonic powers. I had woken up and listened quietly to the prayers. I knew what the sound was all about because it was coming from my wristwatch.

Two minutes after Rachel prayers had gathered momentum, the rooster stopped crowing. She started thanking God for answers to her prayers and others around joined her. I was engrossed in secret laughter, as I was wondering how it would sound telling them it was not Rachel’s prayers that stopped the rooster from crowing. It would be a blow to her inspired spirit if I had told her it was my wristwatch alarm system that triggered the strange sound.

All I could remember was that she was happy to see her prayers answered, and I happy to see her funny prayers receive instant answers. It was a lesson I’ll never forget in a hurry. We all look at life differently, depending on which side of the divide we stand. There are things we take for granted, but others hold on to them because their dreams and goals depend largely on them

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