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Be Proud of Your personality

Be proud of who you are

Most of us spend a lot of time thinking about the things we have done wrong.  We keep remembering the mistakes we have made in life and how we have not achieved all the things that we want to achieve in life. We all have decisions we wish we could take back.

 Stop blaming yourself all the time for things you had no control over. It is human to make mistakes.  You don’t have to wait for someone else to pat you on the back for what you have done in your life. Always remind yourself of how incredible you are; be proud of being you!

One of the things which we don’t have control over is what others think about us. We live in a society that wants to tear everybody down often but none of us are perfect. Some people always want you to behave in a certain way or act a certain way. If you spend your time worrying about what others think about you, you will never be happy in life.

Never allow the opinion of others to destroy your self-confidence. Your dreams shouldn’t be based on the opinion of others. The opinion of others shouldn’t define your identity. What people think about you shouldn’t  cause any form of instability in your health, marriage, career, academics, relationship, business, etc.

Whatever they say about you is an opinion and nothing else. No one knows you better than you know yourself. No matter how hard you try, you are never going to be someone else so be proud of who you are and live your life.

The number of likes and comments you get on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc does not define who you are and how unique you are. Also, the number of followers or Facebook friends that you have will never define your value in life. Rather, you should be proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish so far. Be proud of the many more amazing things you are going to achieve.

Believe it or not, people will always judge and criticize you no matter what. So be criticized for being the person that you want to be in life, not the person that others want you to be. Be proud of who you are as a person by loving yourself and accepting your imperfection. Be excited about your past; not necessarily of everything you have done( we all have regrets), but of how you have kept going and working hard.

Be proud of every time you have failed. The fact that you have failed means one thing is certain: you have tried! Be happy that you had the guts to try in the first place. Be proud of all those times when you faced difficulties. Trust yourself with the decisions you take in life, focus on the positives, remove any form of negativity from your mind, and just be the person that you want to be.

No amount of approval from somebody else is worth dictating how you should live your life. You are worthy of living the best possible life. It is only one life that you will ever get. I love what Phil Mc Graw said:  “Instead of being ashamed of what you have been through, be proud of what you have overcome!”


Success is achievable if you follow the principles

Success is one of the most popular words in the world today. I recently undertook a little survey of the popularity of the word by typing it in the google search engine. The search result I got was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised to see search results that were more than 3 billion. This goes to show that billions of individuals are daily searching for ways to become successful in life.

What’s the definition of success?

Success is a relative term that is directly connected to the state of mind of each individual. It can also mean the attainment of one’s goal or aspiration in life. One important fact I have come to discover about success is that it means different things to different folks.

What are the keys to success?


The world is full of people who talk and never do anything about their plans. The key to greatness in life is the ability to translate your vision or plans into action. You don’t need the permission of anyone to start something. A lot of folks wait for the big break before they initiate their vision in life, and such individuals eventually become frustrated in life, because such big breaks never showed up.


Information is one of the things that separate the rich and the poor. The difference between failure and success lies in the ability of the individual to accurately implement the information at his/her disposal. The Global stock market is one of the biggest investment markets in the world with turnover exceeding  $180 billion daily. Millions of individuals are marking fortune off the stock market with available information that is constantly changing on a per-second basis.

Hard work

Laziness is a recipe for poverty and disaster and must be avoided by all means. Any fortune gained through false means cannot stand the test of time as it will soon wither away. Hard work involves consistently doing the same things that have been yielding positive results over the years. It is the ability to put in more than 100% in all you do.


The mind is the portion of man where destinies are either made or marred by the choices and decisions we make. When an individual has a positive mindset about wealth and prosperity, it will be easy for such an individual to attain success in life. The opposite can equally occur with individuals who have negative myths about money and prosperity. Their minds become blinded and inactive because of their negative thoughts and decisions.


Whatever we are passionate about and strive towards will eventually manifest in our life if we don’t give up. Passion is a key factor in the success equation that cannot be ignored. It is a deep hunger for something valuable and useful in life. When this key factor is missing in your life, there would be a lack of desire to attain your goal or destiny in life.


Focus involves concentrating on a task with all your might and attention without been distracted by external factors. One of the things that easily delay us from achieving our goals in life is a lack of focus. Lots of folks started very well, but along the line, their focus changed from the important to the mundane.


Persistence is closely linked to patience, which is a positive virtue that anyone who desires to make it in life must possess. It is the ability to hold on when others have given up hope. When you have done everything humanly possible to succeed in life, you must persevere and quit getting worried.

7 Amazing Characteristics of an Exceptional Entrepreneur

7 Amazing Characteristics of an Exceptional Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business and develops the necessary model that will enable him to successfully run the business. Although every business owner is unique and positively endowed in terms of gifts, talents, and abilities, however, some possess some exceptional qualities which stand them apart from the average business owner. Highlighted below are some of the qualities that can make a difference in the life of an entrepreneur:

Positive Mindset

To succeed in life, one must have the ability to be optimistic. Optimism is the ability to think possibility even in the face of failure and defeat. A positive minded entrepreneur is always searching for a solution to a problem. This unique quality gives the businessperson an edge over the average business owner.

Goal Setters

The ability to set and achieve a goal is another unique characteristic of an entrepreneur. Setting daily, monthly and yearly goals is a priority in the life of an enterpriser. These goals are a great source of motivation and incentive.


The success of every business owner depends largely on the ability to focus on the essential things in life. It is only when one can focus on life, that one can have the rare ability to concentrate on issues that are key to the attainment of the desired end. This unique characteristic is present in the life of every businessman.


There must be a desire and a burning passion inside of you before you can obtain whatever you need in life. If you are passionate about success, it is a sign that you are on the right track. Having a passion for something will give you the extra energy to continue when others have given up. It is what keeps you awake at night when others are busy sleeping.


To envision the result of plans and proposals earmarked for the achievement of the desired goal. An entrepreneur can see profit where others are seeing losses. Foresight will enable the entrepreneur to make a sound decision and set distinct goals.


This is the ability to remain committed to a course or goal. If you are determined, procrastination will never be a problem. Determination is a virtue that keeps the entrepreneur on alert. it is like a prime mover in the wheel of the businessperson as the ability to venture into areas where others are afraid to go is made available.


What distinguishes an exceptional entrepreneur from the average business owner is the ability to come up with new ways of doing things. They are creative and unusual in their thinking pattern. One thing that they have going for them, is the ability to implement these creative ideas. Fear of failure does not hinder them from achieving their set goals and desires.

Dream do come through

How to achieve your dreams amid challenges

Dreams are things we hope to accomplish in the future. Having a Dream in life gives one a sense of direction and purpose. Unfortunately, the road to achieving one’s dreams in life can be bumpy and challenging and some often abandon their dream. Giving up is however not the solution as we would later find out in this article!

In the pursuit of one’s dream, there are bound to be ups and downs, but one must never give in to discouragement and negativity. The first step is to write out your dreams in black and white. This helps you to know what you want to achieve.

Next, you draw out a plan of action on how you intend to achieve your dreams in life. The plan should include, short, medium, and long term plans. The plans should also be achievable, practicable, and realistic. Celebrate every goal you achieve.

Where possible, get a mentor who will act as a guide to help you through the rough patch. A mentor has been there before and will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes that may tend to discourage you from moving further. Mentors have usually experienced individuals who have walked through the same path and are willing to hold you by the hand and show you some of the dangers ahead.

Below are some useful tips that you would find handy in your journey towards actualizing their dreams in life. Make sure you try to implement some of these tips and avoid taking any of them for granted.

Self Confidence: When others don’t believe in your dream, you got to believe in yourself. Be self-confident about your ability to achieve what others think is impossible. Without confidence in yourself, the possibility of giving up on your dreams is so high. One of the key factors surmounting the challenges of life as you aspire towards your desired goals is the ability to believe in your potential. If you doubt yourself, it’s as good as admitting failure even before the race begins.

Patience is the Key: When you are patient and you work hard towards achieving your dreams, challenges become more like motivation. J.K Rowlings, the Author of the popular “Harry Potter” movie series had her movie scripts rejected by producers and she faced a lot of challenges in her personal life and career, but she was patient and she kept pursuing her dreams. Today she has achieved her dreams and she’s one of the richest female Authors in the world with a net worth of around GBP 750 million.

Challenges make Dreams worthwhile: Nothing good in life comes easy. Making one’s dream a reality doesn’t come on a platter of gold. Challenges are what make the attainment of Dreams worthwhile. If there are no challenges on the pathway to the attainment of dreams, then everyone will become successful. Unfortunately, it is only those who cherish their dreams and are passionate about it will eventually achieve it. So never see challenges as negatives, but positives in the pursuit of your dreams in life

Always have the end in sight: Anyone running a race wants to win a prize. Know what you aim to achieve and that will become your biggest motivation. I once watched a 100M race where the young boy fell at the start of the race. He, however, picked himself up, and with less than 30 meters to the finish line, he emerged in the first position. He had his eyes on Gold!

Don’t look back at Yesterdays Failure: In the pursuit of one’s dream in life, failure may arise. Those who eventually achieved their dreams in life turned failure into success. The secret lies in not looking back. When you look back at the failure of yesterday, the desire to pursue your dreams becomes very weak.

Be Bold: Only the Bold can run the race to the end. A dream will remain just a fantasy if you are not courageous enough to step forward and pursue that one thing in your life you so much desire. So many people have had to abandon their dreams in life because they were told it is not possible. What they fail to realize is that life does not reward the fearful. Life only rewards the brave.

Focus on what you want out of life: Lack of focus can make people lose sight of their dreams in life. Aim at just one thing at a time and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. One of the main reason why lots of individuals are easily discouraged in the pursuit of the dreams is the fact that they are pursuing different things at the same time and they end up not achieving any of them

Dreams can become a nightmare you fail to take the right step to actualize them

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