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Failure is not the end of your story

Failure is not the end of your story

We all have experienced setbacks in life, businesses, careers, relationships in one way or another. Some people are depressed right now because they gave their best to something and in the end, it failed.

The only thing going through their mind is that they have done the best they could therefore nothing else can be done and attempting such thing again will only be a waste of time and energy accompanied by another set of heartbreaks that will result in depression once again.

The failure you experience is the beginning of your success story. Nothing good comes easy in life. Things that carry great substance are not cheap to come by. Why then do we easily give up?

When you fail, have a positive mindset towards that situation. Failure allows you to do it better, the opportunity to know how best to do it when you get there again. Remember that, you must not fall before you rise but if you fail, make use of the opportunity to get better.

Jack Ma, the former CEO of Alibaba Group, failed several times before becoming a billionaire. He is one of the richest men in China. He failed at almost everything he attempted from education to career to entrepreneurship.

He failed his middle school examination thrice, got into Hangzhou Normal University in his third attempt, all his ten admission attempt to Harvard University were rejected. He was unable to get a job after graduating from university.

Jack applied for thirty different jobs and got rejected by all and his first two business ventures collapsed. In an interview at the Davos world economic forum, he said ” when KFC came to my city, twenty-four people went for the job. Twenty-three people were accepted I was the only guy who was rejected.” However, that did not deter him from visualizing and founding Alibaba.

Nobody in this world chooses to fail but everyone tastes the bitter pill at some point in their lives. Success comes through rapidly fixing our mistakes rather than getting things right the first time. Every failure is not a winner, but every winner is the output of several failed experiences that culminated in success.

Failure serves as a mirror at each end of our life. It reveals our weakness, strengths, and helps in demonstrating ourselves by strengthing our effects. As Einstein said, ” just because a fish cannot climb a tree doesn’t mean its not smart.” The end is not when you fail, it is when you quit. Never lose faith. Never lose hope and never give up!!!


Your success in life depends on what you see

Success in life is a function of what we are capable of seeing. What you see has a lot of roles to play in your decision-making process. It is all about the mindset. Some always see opportunities even when others are seeing things differently.

It is the way their mind is wired. On the other hand, some individuals are always seeing challenges. They never see anything good in what others are doing. In their mind, they are always thinking about the failure rates rather than the success rates of any idea.

Someone once gave an illustration of how inventors reason. While someone was building the airplane, an inventor with a mind that was always thinking of failure was busy designing a parachute. The concept of the parachute came from the mindset of failure. The possibility of the airplane engine failure in midair.

Some individuals will even go to the extent of rejecting opportunities because the opportunities are clothed in the form of challenges. What we must realize is that amid challenges, lies amazing opportunities. It all depends on what you see.

Someone once shared the funny story of how he missed the opportunity to lift himself out of poverty when he rejected an opportunity to create an unending income stream because all he was thinking about was how to get a job.

Two friends once visited India and they both saw little kids walking on barefoot. One of them saw extreme poverty while the other saw an opportunity. Two years later, the one who saw an opportunity came back to India and established one of the biggest footwear companies. 

The difference between both friends was simple. One had a success mentality, while the other one who was seeing poverty, had a failure mentality. What you see determines how far you can excel in life. See beyond the challenges or barriers. There are opportunities all around us begging to be exploited. 

Success can only be seen with the eyes that have been programmed for success. It is not a physical thing. It is deeper than the physical. That is why some individuals may be looking at plastic waste and be wondering why people keep polluting the environment with plastic.

Another fellow will see the plastic with an eye of success and will be thinking of how to convert plastic waste to wealth. It is all about having insight. Not everyone who has an eye can see.

Some are financially blind to opportunity and can never see the opportunity to make wealth even if these opportunities are placed right in front of their eyes. It has to do with hindsight, not just having sights!

Seven Amazing Secrets Life Has Taught Me

Seven Amazing Secrets Life Has Taught Me

Life secrets are seen in the simple things of life. As I walked through the windy pathway of life, there are some hard lessons I have been forced to encounter directly or indirectly. These lessons have made me more mature, stronger, and better equipped to face the challenges of life. I am delighted to share them with readers, with the hope that it would be a source of encouragement and inspiration to those who are down.

Happiness is a decision

No matter what one goes through in life, always make up your mind to be happy. Happiness is a decision that starts from the inside and radiates outside. Never you give room for sorrow or sadness because life is too precious to be wasted. Life comes with sunshine and roses. It also comes with floods and pains. The most beautiful thing about life itself is the gift of life. Make a choice today to live a happy life and see how beautiful you’ll become.

There is no permanent friend

I have had the unique opportunity of meeting people I mistook to be friends. Shared all I had with them and in the end, all I got was betrayal and heartbreak. I have been made to learn this lesson the hard way because I took so many things for granted. Some individuals are friends who become friends based on interest. When things are rosy, they become so close. When things become rough, they enter into ghost mode and vanish into thin air.

Live each day at a time

One of the reasons why some individuals suffer from anxiety is the burden they carry on their lean shoulders. They keep thinking of what the future holds for them and add it to the problem of yesterday even when they are still struggling to make ends meet.

Life has taught me to live each day at a time, without worrying about what to eat, drink, or put on. Anxiety has not been known to have solved any problem. Live each day to the fullest and stop killing yourself with worry and anxiety.

Quality over quantity

When I got a hold of this wonderful secret earlier this year, the first thing I did was to cut off some unproductive friendship. These friends were not motivating me towards my goal in life, and I discovered that the more friends I had, the more complicated it was for me to achieve success in life.

The secret is in the quality of people you associate with, not the quantity. Two quality friends can help transform you from your present level into your dream life. Avoid mixing up with the crowd and identify quality friends who have similar goals and aspirations. This is the most precious secret I uncovered this year.

I can be anything that I set my mind to be

I have always loved writing and helping people achieve their dreams and aspiration. When I discovered these gifts were inside of me, the urge to work towards utilizing my full potential became apparent. Today, I am glad to announce that I have started seeing some of the fruits of my labor. I get emails and remarks about how positive my articles have blessed lives.  I’ve received messages that have left me in tears. It is like a dream come true.

I am exactly what I think I am

Whenever I am down, I daily confess positive affirmation to myself. Keep telling myself that I am a success not a failure. If I confess positive, my mindset will be programmed to accept positive thoughts and ideas. This will ultimately have a wonderful effect on my life. This is an ancient secret that can be positively or negatively activated. Your thoughts must be tuned to the right channel to receive positive ideas.

Don’t allow others to devalue you

You are too valuable and precious to be brushed aside. I cannot be intimidated by circumstances or individuals. The value I place on myself is what the world will appreciate and nobody can devalue or look down on me without my permission.

There is always a price tag attached to everything under the face of the earth. The price tag is determined by the owner of the product or goods. We must not allow anyone to take us for granted. You are priceless, inestimable in value, and beautiful!

Never take rejection and failure as a setback

Never take rejection and failure as a setback

Rejection can come in different forms and shapes. When it comes, never get discouraged or give up on the pursuit of your goals or dreams. The fact that you are rejected does not imply you are not good enough. It only means you should improve on yourself and give it one more try. It doesn’t matter how many times you are rejected. What matters is to stay focused and never stop pushing.

Joanne Rowling

JK Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter novel, once faced rejection. She submitted the manuscript to the popular Harry Potter novel but was rejected by several publishers. This did not deter her, but rather motivated her. Her persistence eventually paid off, as she got the popular novel published. Today, her estimated net worth is rumored to be around £750 Million, as in 2019. This wouldn’t have been possible if she had forgotten about her dream and allowed rejection to slow her down.

The Beatles

The Beatles are regarded as one of the most popular bands in the world. They were so famous that their songs remain one of the most recorded in history. They too faced rejection from several music labels. Their songs were labeled as not good enough, and it was Brian Epstein who courageously gave them their first musical break by signing the band.

Thomas Edison

He was one of the greatest inventors that ever live. Unfortunately, he faced rejection from his teacher. Thomas Edison’s teacher told him that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. It was a rather negative remark to say to someone at that young age. Thomas also got fired from his place of work, because he was termed to be “non-productive”. As an inventor, he tried inventing the electric bulb, but he failed multiple times. He never gave up but kept trying until he succeeded. That is the amazing power of rejection.

In 2011, a guy applied for a job with Uber and after three interviews they were impressed but didn’t hire him because he didn’t have a car. He then started his own media outfit. Six years later that same company that rejected him, contracted him to train their staff. In life, never take failure as a reflection of your potential.

Sometimes what we think are setbacks are stepping stones. Determination is fueled by a belief in oneself and the belief of self. Never allow negative feedback you got today, stop you from receiving that positive feedback tomorrow. 

The bitter truth we must all accept is that people will reject us along the journey of life. That job application may get rejected. When it happens, we shouldn’t ask too many questions, but rise and keep moving. It should inspire us to put in more effort until we reach our goals in life.

Failure is an amazing teacher

Failure is an amazing teacher

Failure is a word that people hate to hear. If given the option, some we prefer to hear more about success, than failure. It is quite understandable, given the fact that failure is an orphan and success got loads of friends. What is not clear however, is the myth around this often stigmatized word.

What is failure?

It is the inability to achieve a set goal or target. It comes in different forms and shapes, depending on the standard the individual has set for himself. What an average individual may term a success, can be termed a colossal failure by someone who has raised his goals and expectations so high.

We learn from failure than we do from succeeding

This may sound very ambiguous, but when looked at deeply, it is very true. Most times in life, when we go through the wilderness of defeat, and bounce back to achieve a high level of success, the lesson learnt can never be easily forgotten. Secondly, we tend to become too complacent in life, when everything seems to be going on so smoothly.

Spain Learnt the hard way

Spain was an overwhelming favorite to lift the 2010 FIFA World Cup hosted by South Africa, after their amazing performance at EURO 2008. They had all the stars you can ever dream about. Gerard Pique, David Silva, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso, and David Villa were just a few. The team was full to the brim with talent. Unfortunately, in the opening game against underdogs Switzerland, they lost 0-1 and it was a massive shockwave.

That defeat brought the Spanish team back to life. They had learnt their lesson and so began their onslaught. They brushed aside Honduras, Chile, Portugal, Paraguay, Germany and Netherlands to lift the coveted trophy for the first time in their history.

Sometimes in life, certain setbacks can become the beginning of amazing things in our life. There are always positives in every negative situation we encounter in life. We must not give up at every slight setback. The man who fails and later succeeds has more interesting stories to share than the one who never tasted failure all his life. Our past failures can become a source of inspiration to those struggling to come to terms with similar experiences.

Classical example of Abraham Lincoln

Today, we are always reminded of how Abraham Lincoln experienced several setbacks before he eventually became the 16th President of the United States of America in 1860. The story is a classical example of resilience, determination and a never say never attitude. If he had given up at the first setback, the story would have been different. He kept going, even when it was logical to stop and give up. A man who failed elections eight times and still kept on going must have something special inside him.

Failure humbles an individual more than anything one can ever imagine in life. When an individual has attained a certain level of fortune in life and setback sets him back to ground level, it can be very devastating. Such an individual will maintain a low profile and start reaching out to old friends he had previously abandoned. That is how powerful failure can be. An amazing teacher that humbles the proud and mighty.

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