success is possible

Success is possible, stop giving excuses

Success can be achieved if one is passionate about achieving it. Your desire must far outweigh whatever fear or doubt may want to hold you back. Nothing can stop an individual whose heart is set on anything in life. The only thing that can stop such an individual is the individual himself.

Matthias Buchinger

A disabled artist and performer who was German by birth, had no hands or lower legs, but yet he had amazing abilities and could play more than ten musical instruments. Not 1, 2, or even 3, but 10 different musical instruments. Standing at just twenty-nine inches tall, Matthias never allowed physical disability to stand in his way. That is the amazing power of someone determined to make a success out of life despite all odds.

Warren MacDonald

He had his two legs amputated after a horrible accident in 1997. The doctor announced to Warren that he would not be able to walk again. But the doctor never said anything about not cycling or climbing and underestimated the unbelievable power of positive energy that lay within the young Australian. Thus with tremendous positive energy to back up his passion for adventure, Warren went on to climb Africa’s tallest mountain – Mt Kilimanjaro.

Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton is an American surfer whose life remains an inspiration to millions worldwide. She was just 13 years old when her left arm was yanked off by a shark. It was a near-death experience, but the young American never allowed that horrific accident to define her. Hear what she said: “I know life can be hard, but I’ve learned that even the biggest challenges and scariest fears can be overcome, no matter what you’re facing”. She braved all odds and still returned to professional surfing where she won several medals and awards. Nothing can stop you as long as you don’t give up on your dreams. Not even any form of disability could stop Warren from achieving what people thought was impossible.
Stories like this abound everywhere of individuals who ignored their disabilities and still went ahead to perform at their peak level.

In life, there would always be the urge to give one excuse or the other as you desire to achieve success in life. Ignore the reasons why you cannot and hold on to the reasons why you can achieve success despite all odds. Courage is the key and passion is the fuel that will carry you through. The brave Bethany Hamilton shared one secret that kept her going during her difficult moments in life: “Courage means you don’t let fear stop you” 

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