success is intentional

Success is intentional

Nothing happens by chance. Luck is when your preparation meets opportunity. Sleeping on your bed thinking that you will be lucky someday is just wishful thinking. Therefore, success is an intentional journey. 

You might have heard of a high achieving person who either succeeds in business, academics, politics, or any other field, and you think he is just a lucky person amidst the population. No, it’s not always true. Emphatically, it is hardly true. Ask that person, let him unveil some background story to you, and you will be amazed that success is planned work.

First of all, let me tell you this popular myth about success, a long-aged general misconception. People believe success is about having money, cars, or houses. It is a big lie that has been transplanted from generation to generation. Those could come by chance. You might gamble and win millions of dollars. More so, you might win a lottery and have a car or house.

True success resides in inner satisfaction. When you genuinely succeed, you will be happy and be overwhelmed with inexpressible joy.

Success is not the same as completion; it is possible to complete a task as unsuccessful. Imagine an athlete who participates in a sport and came last, though he finished the track yet is not unsuccessful because the goal is to be the first runner up.

The accomplishment of a goal or good outcome of an undertaking is typically called success. Before you can achieve a goal to become successful, you must be intentional. Hence, your intentionality will produce the following;

Goal setting:

You have the set of goals you want to achieve. Doing this means you know what you are doing and not just a mediocre man with neither bearing nor direction.


Taking action is a roadmap to goal-getting, and it is a thick line between goal setting and goal setting. An action taker is a goal-getter. Know this, and know peace!


your intentionality will take you from an action taker stage after setting your goal to a goal-getter. With this, success is sure!


On your success pursuit, there will be distractions and side many attractions. Life will place many opportunities that look brand and bright before you, which could catch your attention and make you put the options into consideration. “maybe, this is a better choice,” you will think. But it would help if you remained focused and undistracted. To be successful, you must maintain your stance and stand.


The end story of a successful man sounds exciting and appealing, but the process is not as sweet, and the summative tale sounds. You must be consistent and persistent to be successful.

You need to understand that life is not a bed of roses; there are thorns and thistles. Therefore you must be intentional about what to do, where to go, and what to achieve. If intentionality is missing, you automatically have a loophole in your success story.

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