step out of your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone

 “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing grows there” – Unknown author

Humans are wired for comfort. We seek comfort in all situations. A Comfort zone is a place where you are accustomed to a routine or pattern and do not want to try something new or unusual.

Little wonder it is not easy to let go of our secure position. Guess you are quite acquainted with this popular quote “step out of your comfort zone.” What does it mean? Leaving your haven is easier said than done.

It seems difficult to leave your comfort, but it is quite rewarding eventually. While comfort is not bad, you can stall your growth and learning phase when you get too comfortable. Here is how to get out of your safe zone and embrace new experiences.

Face your fear

Fear of the unknown. The Fear of the future, Fear of failure. Fear is the biggest hurdle to getting out of your comfort zone. Are you scared of speaking in front of a large crowd? Do you have cold feet when you are assigned to manage a task? Fear will set in when you are doing these tasks for the first time. It is typical to feel that way, but there is no harm in starting. When next you are faced with fear, ask yourself: what is the worst that could happen? What is the best that could happen? This will help you overcome fear.

Change your daily routine

Are there patterns that have become repetitive and monotonous? Consider spicing them up. If you are used to taking a walk in the morning, you should think about dropping by the coffee shop for a coffee drink. When you change your routine, you enrich your life with new experiences.

Try something new

To step out of your comfort zone, you should try something new. Let each day be a learning phase for you. You can learn how to play the piano or cook a new dish. Embrace new challenges every day. This will stimulate creativity, innovativeness, and mental clarity. Ensure you make conscious efforts to evolve and grow. 

Learn to have fun

Many people do not want to leave their place of ease because they fear making mistakes. It is okay to commit errors as they help the learning phase. Do not get yourself beat up. Laugh at yourself and your mistakes. Do not take life too seriously. 

Take small steps

Lao Tzu once penned: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Breaking down a goal into doable segments makes it easy to accomplish and less daunting. If you fear public speaking, consider speaking to small groups, it will help you grow. Take a step now and break out of your shell.

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