Never take rejection and failure as a setback

Never take rejection and failure as a setback

Rejection can come in different forms and shapes. When it comes, never get discouraged or give up on the pursuit of your goals or dreams. The fact that you are rejected does not imply you are not good enough. It only means you should improve on yourself and give it one more try. It doesn’t matter how many times you are rejected. What matters is to stay focused and never stop pushing.

Joanne Rowling

JK Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter novel, once faced rejection. She submitted the manuscript to the popular Harry Potter novel but was rejected by several publishers. This did not deter her, but rather motivated her. Her persistence eventually paid off, as she got the popular novel published. Today, her estimated net worth is rumored to be around £750 Million, as in 2019. This wouldn’t have been possible if she had forgotten about her dream and allowed rejection to slow her down.

The Beatles

The Beatles are regarded as one of the most popular bands in the world. They were so famous that their songs remain one of the most recorded in history. They too faced rejection from several music labels. Their songs were labeled as not good enough, and it was Brian Epstein who courageously gave them their first musical break by signing the band.

Thomas Edison

He was one of the greatest inventors that ever live. Unfortunately, he faced rejection from his teacher. Thomas Edison’s teacher told him that he was “too stupid to learn anything”. It was a rather negative remark to say to someone at that young age. Thomas also got fired from his place of work, because he was termed to be “non-productive”. As an inventor, he tried inventing the electric bulb, but he failed multiple times. He never gave up but kept trying until he succeeded. That is the amazing power of rejection.

In 2011, a guy applied for a job with Uber and after three interviews they were impressed but didn’t hire him because he didn’t have a car. He then started his own media outfit. Six years later that same company that rejected him, contracted him to train their staff. In life, never take failure as a reflection of your potential.

Sometimes what we think are setbacks are stepping stones. Determination is fueled by a belief in oneself and the belief of self. Never allow negative feedback you got today, stop you from receiving that positive feedback tomorrow. 

The bitter truth we must all accept is that people will reject us along the journey of life. That job application may get rejected. When it happens, we shouldn’t ask too many questions, but rise and keep moving. It should inspire us to put in more effort until we reach our goals in life.

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