Love can be seen in several ways

Love has been defined more than a thousand and one times, depending on the individual who is involved and the prevailing situation. In this article, I would not be attempting to add another definition of love, but rather to share some common features that can help those who are presently in a relationship know if their partner truly loves them.

Love is giving

That is the greatest act of love ever known to mankind. If someone says he/she loves you and never bothers to give something tangible as a seal of that love, be careful!

When we give of our time, resources, self, and gifts to the one we love, it goes a long way to cement such a relationship. Giving should not be restricted to only special occasions like birthdays, St. Valentine Day, Christmas, Easter, or New Year. It should be a way of life. A little flower or a carefully chosen card can be worth more than gold and silver in the life of a loved one.


When someone is ready to sacrifice all he/she has, it is a true sign of affection. Some individuals are not ready to sacrifice one bit of themselves and they claim to have affection for their partners. What sacrifice means, is that you are willing to do anything to please someone. The opposite of sacrifice is selfishness, which can destroy any relationship.


No human being on earth is 100% perfect. That is the main reason why we must be patient with the one we love. In relationships and marriage, there is a need for patience. It is a virtue that can cover so many inadequacies in the life of the one you love.

Does not count wrong

When two individuals are in a relationship, there is bound to be a dispute. These things are not planned but can happen spontaneously due to one reason or the order. At such a moment, the test of true affection can be manifested by both parties, as there is a need to forgive and forget whatever wrong has been done.

Some individuals, however, fail to heed this clear advice and go about writing down every wrong their partners have done while waiting patiently for the perfect opportunity to expose all these faults. This is a sign that there is love lost between both parties.

Love is sharing

If an individual is stingy with whatever he or she has, that is not a sign of love. No matter how small it is, learn how to share it! It is common in some parts of the world to see people sharing food because it is generally regarded as a symbol of love. If your partner needs something which you have, one of the attributes or sign to show he/she loves is to share with you.

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