Have you ever thought about what life is, and you couldn’t give any precise definition?

Indeed, knowledge is power, and everyone lives in the reality of what he knows. The level of your knowledge makes you wise or foolish. Everyone at a point in time lacks a particular knowledge. It isn’t good or bad either. Nevertheless, it becomes lousy to the fault when you fail to learn.

I will give definite answers to your question as I show you the beauty of life as a gift.

Life is a Gift

Life is not just a gift but a beautiful gift. It is the best gift you can ever have. This makes it worth living and living well.

“Life is a gift, life is a test, life is a temporary assignment.” ~ Rick Warren

To this claim, you must understand that a gift is a present, either quantitative and/or qualitative, that you offer or you were offered without payment or return.

Equalizing this with life, you’ve been presented with this gift without pay. It is such an unfair advantage that every human being enjoys. Here is a simple equation; when you maximize the gift of life, you have more. This is in the double phase; when the gift of living is spent in a good way, you will have good returns, and when it is spent in a bad way, you will have bad returns.

This means a man is a determinant of what comes to him. He is the architect who designs what happens aftermath. You have been gifted with a beautiful grace of existence; the result after that is your designs.

However, it is worth noting the place of decision; you are the one in charge of what to do in this world 

This gift is not to be used anyhow; it must be jealously guided, utilized, and maximized. Life is a test or assignment; a success opens the door for another but better ones.

What makes Life Beautiful?

Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by good people. Men are prime value, and nothing can replace the function of a man. We are in the digital age, where AI and bots stride the street. Nonetheless, the gift of men is unparalleled.  This is why you feel comfortable and safe in a residential area, unlike traveling through a desert.

Life is beautiful when you are surrounded by nature. Looking at nature gives inspiration, hope, joy, and sweet memory. If you are down, depressed and tired, just a walk through the wonderful nature, play with nature, sightseeing and gaze!

Every moment is a gift, but when the moment passes, the gift is not gone. The real gift is the life and spirit within another.” ~ Donna Goddard, Prana

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