Keep striving and never give up

The nature of man is wired to exhibit strength and weakness. There are times you feel well energized to accomplish a goal, and times might come that you get frustrated and want to give up; this is normal for a typical human being. In life, you need to fight and strive for what belongs to you.

When setting an achievable goal, you need to fuel passion with an equipped thought of not giving up, “come what may.”

Winners never quit, and quitters never win… ~Vince Lambardi

When you see a winner, this is because he has decided not to quit or give up on his pursuit. Because a quitter has never won the history of life. Whether hidden or obvious, there would be shreds of evidence of challenges on the way, but just that these individuals have taken the choice to keep striving until the goal is achieved.

However, giving up means giving in to what life makes available to you. On the contrary, to keep striving means claiming your share in the bank of life.

Man is born with the orientation of instant gratification. They are deceived with the instant result, and when they do not get what they want immediately, they get anxious and consider giving up as an option. At times, your plan might not go as you thought; it could be a bit longer than you expected.

The most successful and fulfilled people in the world are those who did not settle for less and those that have triumphed in the face of challenges. You are inspired by people who have had trouble and never give up. Your success can as well inspire the world.

To be frank with you, attaining success has never been an easy task, uneasy lies the head that wears a crown. By showing courage, striving, and never giving up, you create a record of success.

No one attains any success without a record of failures, no matter how strong your resolve. Sometimes you get frustrated and want to give up, whether that happens at work, relationship, in any project, training for a race, journey to fulfillment, and other life issues, to mention but a few. Those times you get frustrated is not the best time to give up, rather, gather fortitude, encourage yourself, create self-motivation, read inspiration book, or get the right people to help you.

Ella Fitzgerald once said:

Just don’t give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”

Do not be overwhelmed with the present challenges; keep striving and never give up. Someday, you will be awarded. On that very day, you will share your story to motivate and inspire someone unto greatness.

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