journey towards Entrepreneurship

The journey towards entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a journey that usually begins with a step. An entrepreneur is an individual who perceives profitable opportunities and is willing to take the risk in making a success of the enterprise. An entrepreneur remains relatively unknown in his immediate city or community until he/she gets a break. It must be categorically stated, that the entrepreneur is more than just a business owner.

The ever-changing world of business has created numerous definitions of the concept of entrepreneur and business. The 21st-century entrepreneur must be ready to weather the storm that may arise from various sources. The journey towards entrepreneurship requires some specific steps.

Create a unique concept

Firstly, you must be able to create a unique selling concept that has perceived opportunities. Think differently from the ordinary business owner and you will get a different concept of a product or service. Coming up with a unique concept usually takes a while, as the market is already saturated with lots of concepts.

Evaluate the concept

In addition to creating a concept, you need to evaluate the concept. This involves proper scrutiny of the concept to determine if it will stand the test of time. The usual practice is to invite other professionals to a brainstorming session where the concept will be dissected and evaluated.

Draw a plan

Having confirmed the veracity of the concept or idea, the third step is to draw a comprehensive plan, highlighting the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat to the concept. The business plan is one of the most sensitive documents that can make or mar a concept or idea. Technocrats are needed at this stage for proper implementation.

Launch into the deep

Finally, you have done all the creation of concept and evaluation. You have even drawn up a plan. The last step is the most crucial of all. This is where most entrepreneurs develop cold feet and abandon all the plans and concepts they had labored for over the years. If you are afraid of sharks, you cannot go swimming in the ocean. Similarly, if you are afraid of failure, competition or challenges then you better look for other easy routes to success.

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