it takes courage to be successful

It takes courage to be successful

Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” …. Winston S. Churchill

Whether you are taking baby steps or hitting a milestone, courage is required for everything in life. It is said that it takes courage to be successful. How true is this? Is success and courage relative? Yes, they are. Everyone wants to accomplish goals and attain great heights, but these do not come easy.

While you might have a will or determination to start a thing, it takes courage to succeed. Winston Churchill understood that some people attain success and lose their drive and motivation to keep pace. Also, others fail and get discouraged, not willing to try again.

Whether you fail or succeed, the zeal to continue becomes a challenge. The ability to persist regardless of the challenge is what matters. This challenge is mostly enshrouded in fear. The Fear of failure. Scared of the future. The unwillingness to take risks.

Fear of taking risks

Taking risks is quite a scary venture. Many people fear taking risks because they sometimes result in embarrassment or failure. It is okay to fail or be rejected. Pick yourself up and try again.

Many successful people attest that failure is not final; it is a learning phase and a stepping stone to greatness. Scared of taking risks? Remember that there is no reward in life without risks.

Fear of others’ opinions

Most times, what prevents us from making strides is listening to other people’s opinions. While it is not bad to take advice or listen to others, prioritizing their words over your self-belief can make you seem caged to their opinions. Filter the words you listen to. You cannot please everyone. Being a people pleaser can make you unhappy, reduce your self-confidence and deter you from achieving your goals. 

Have the courage to conquer your fears

Do not forget; fear is smokescreens that prevent you from making exploits. Yes, it is okay to be afraid, but do not let fear get the best of you. Nelson Mandela quipped: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”The brave man acts courageously despite his fears, while the coward gives room for fear to control him.

Ask yourself if it is more important for you to be successful or allow fear to overwhelm you. Do you want to succeed? It is about time you stop thinking about what the future holds and take baby steps. Let fear take the back seat and allow courage to take over. Is fear holding you back from achieving your goal? Do it afraid and act courageously. Practice courage in every situation. It is all you need to be successful.

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