Is Love truly blind?



Love is a beautiful thing! It is this special feeling that you have for someone that makes you see them differently from others. But, falling in love in modern times has become more complicated because too many people are in love without understanding the idea of being love which can lead to just a fling.

So often, we lose our sight, common sense, and everything that makes us normal and become dysfunctional while we profess to be in love. We have read stories or seen cases of people who are deeply in love ending up killing their partners, some suffer from depression, while others are betrayed.

Love according to the urban dictionary is the act of caring, and giving to someone else, having someone’s best interest and well-being as a priority in your life. If we are to go with this definition, the question we need to ask ourselves is this: “IS LOVE TRULY BLIND”?

Before answering this question, let’s look at the phases involved in a love relationship. According to American Author and public speaker, Anthony Robbins, there are three phases involved in love process.

The Lusting stage

 The first phase is the lusting phase.  It is easy to block out any character flaw at this phase because the relationship just started. At this stage, you are just too excited to be in the hands of your partner and to make them happy. All that matters to you is just to be happy.

The heart stage

The second phase is the blind or heart phase. This is when you are deeply in love and everything your partner does is right. This is where the term ‘love is blind’ comes from. You are blinded by love and cannot see any of your lover’s flaws. Not seeing the bad traits in your partner no matter how obvious it is. Always doing everything within your power to make your partner happy without thinking about the consequences. It is when you take decision base on your emotion, not logic. At this stage, you are trying to make the relationship perfect.

Logic Stage

The third phase is the logic phase. This is the stage whereby those things you think that doesn’t matter in the previous stages now becomes an issue of concern to you. The ideas that you have made up in your mind about how your partner should behave, what your relationship should be like, and what you deserve have completely overtaken all the positive emotions you had before when your love was still blind. The flaws are no longer cute but have become an annoyance over time.

Having demystified the phases involved in love relationships lets now go back to our initial question:  “is love truly blind”? The answer is NO. The reason is that love is genuine. It is something you do with your mind and not blindly. It is a desire for someone to be part of your life! Love is not blind. The moment people recover from their blindness, they see the flaws of the lover which had been there from the onset.


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