Imperfect sometimes means perfect

Being imperfect does not mean you are weak or useless. Been Imperfect is all part of life’s evolving process. Life is a mystery that we all struggle each day to comprehend. The more we struggle to understand the dynamics of life, the more life proves elusive. We eventually come to the realization that we are mere mortals and our capacity is limited. Our knowledge and level of understanding are equally limited.

The reason why humans are different from other beings is the fact that humans have been able to evolve in different ways to make themselves happy via technological advancement. Despite these awesome discoveries and advancement, a man in his most perfect form has been overwhelmed by a knack for imperfection. The good news is that been imperfect is been human.

In life sometimes, you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good. Pablo Picasso, one of the finest artists to walk the face of the earth once made a mistake in the course of drawing a masterpiece and he was pained for some minutes with the fallen brush that fell off his hands causing a splutter of stains on the canvas. He went home soon after and when he came back the next day, he discovered that the splutters of oil stains caused by the fallen brush had created an absolutely beautiful design.

This was a lesson in creating perfection from obviously imperfect circumstances. Pablo Picasso later displayed his numerous works of art in his art gallery. More than 70% of the art lovers gathered were blown away by the accidental work of art that was created from an imperfect circumstance. It was an elated Pablo Picasso who announced to the bewildered crowd of people gathered that he never dreamt about creating such a perfect masterpiece. It was a product that was birthed via an imperfect circumstance.

Physically challenged men and women sometimes push my creative nature so many times. Each day I see them striving towards achieving perfection in their imperfect state, my heart is always lifted with joy. Nick Vujicic, was born with a rare congenital disorder called phocomelic syndrome. It means his arms and legs are attached to the trunk like stubs. Despite these limitations, Nick still surmounted all odds to live a successful life.

Today, he has gone beyond his imperfect state to create a perfect state where he is living his dreams. He’s not only multi-talented but has toured more than 57 nations of the world. He encourages people to also look beyond their imperfection and live their dream. His marriage to Kanae Miyahara is blessed with two beautiful boys. It’s all about the perspective you gain after going through the storms of life.

So often in life, we enter into a relationship, thinking everything will be perfect. Unfortunately, we get to discover so many imperfections in the life of our partner. Do we despair and give up? Definitely, the answer is no. Through that imperfect relationship, we discover ways to perfect our purpose and goals and live happily.

We all make mistakes in a bid to live that perfect life and sometimes we end up feeling disappointed with ourselves. But wait a minute, how do we appreciate nature and life generally if we don’t make mistakes? Accept your imperfection, but never allow it to override your desire to strive towards perfection. “A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections”  

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