Happiness is not negotiable

One of the most often used words known to man is the word “Happiness”. It is one of the most precious qualities virtually everyone is searching for. Money, fame, and other material things cannot bring about happiness. Some individuals base their happiness on material things, and when these things disappear, sorrow and pain take over. Some others build their happiness on their kids and spouse, which is quite good, but this too can disappear within the twinkle of an eye, and it may adversely affect such individuals. The question then is: How can one remain happy?

Look for someone to show love to

The world is full of lonely and desperate people who need to be shown, love. The surest way to be happy is to make someone else happy, by sharing love. As we share love and make others happy, we are indirectly creating a platform through which happiness will flow back into our lives.

Chose to be happy

Happiness is a choice every individual must make. It starts from the inside and radiates outside. If you decide to be happy, nothing can dampen your spirit. The decision we make can go a long way in determining how happy we become. It is not a function of our material possession, but a deliberate choice to follow the path of happiness.

Eliminate any grudge or bitterness from your subconscious

When we fail to forgive others who have hurt us deliberately or mistakenly, we create a negative channel that will hinder the flow of happiness into our life. What we get instead is a bitter spirit towards such individuals. Let go of any grudge and bitterness and experience the wonderful feeling of happiness.

Do not build your happiness on material things

Is your happiness based on the acquisition of a new car or the purchase of a new home? Be careful and stop building your happiness on material things because they do not last forever. What now happens when these things are no more? The answer is obvious: sorrow, bitterness, and a sense of emptiness. Build your happiness on things that have lasting value that will not easily fade away.

Find something useful to do in your community or locality

There is a distinct and noticeable sense of fulfillment in helping those around your immediate surroundings. Rendering community service or playing an active role in your local community can help create a flow of happiness that will continue to grow as we function in such a capacity. If we are busy contributing positively to our local community, there would be no room for boredom and bitterness of spirit.

Give to the needy and poor

This is a secret that has brought untold happiness to those who understand the beautiful law of giving. The more we lend a hand to the needy and bring smiles to their faces, the more Joy and happiness will flow. Think of something you can do to help the orphanage and old people’s home in your locality. There are millions of needy people around us crying for help and we cannot afford to close our ears and eyes to their passionate plea for help and expect to be happy.

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