Happiness is infectious

As cold and flu, moods are contagious. If you hang around a sad person, you will soon become gloomy as well. According to research, happiness is infectious and does influence the people around you. Studies show that happiness spreads like wildfire, affecting those you do not know. Unlike sadness, happiness has more company. Just simply reading about someone’s happy moments can trigger happiness in you.

Positivity begets positivity. Little wonder positive online content is circulated widely across several social media platforms. A study of online behavior shows that people are more likely to use memes, emojis, and images that portray positivity. Just a happy post can uplift the mood and put a smile on the face of an online user. Besides encouraging others, sharing positive news benefits you as well. You get to relive and relish happy moments.

What happiness means

Happiness can mean different things to different people. It can be a positive outlook about life, optimism, a joyful state, or gladness. Everyone has their concept of happiness. A hungry person seeking a food spot who suddenly stumbles on one will be happy. You can be happy seeing your baby take its first steps. As earlier stated, everyone has their definition of happiness. For one, it could mean experiencing pleasure and less pain.

Others may conceptualize happiness as accomplishing their life goals and purposes. While there are different theories about happiness, a rule of thumb is that everyone wants and likes being happy. In addition, happiness is not totally fleeting or long-lasting. 

Can we be happier?

Some factors contribute to your state of happiness. They include physical health, income, moral values, social relationships, etc. While certain factors contribute to our happy state, can we be happier? Yes, we can. If it is your income that makes you happy, consider increasing it. Do you cherish your physical health? Strive to improve your health. This means that whatever makes you happy, ensure you do more of it.

Everyone wants to be happy because happiness supports life satisfaction and makes life meaningful. Sadness wants to creep into your life; always remember that happy people seldom fall ill, have more friends, influence others positively, easily navigate through life, and live longer. Do not give room for gloom. Be happy always. Choose happiness today. Let it spread to others around you.

“Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well-lived.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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