Giving Up

Giving up is not an option

These are really difficult moments. The mood globally has been that of despondence and fear due to the onslaught of the coronavirus. The print and electronic media have not helped matters with their daily reportage. Sensational headlines have created panic rather than hope in the heart of people. It looks so gloomy that so many individuals have already given up hope.

Unfortunately, giving up is never the solution to any challenge we face in life. Life is full of ups and downs, but we must be relentless. We must keep striving and never look back at the defeat of yesterday. it may be tough and difficult, but never impossible.

Life itself is tough, but we are here today, because we kept hold of the strand of hope that was thrown to us. More than 300,000 people have died globally and looking at the number can be a little bit scary. Looking at the number of families displaced and torn apart can be heart rendering. It is even more difficult when one tends to think about children that have been forced to stay at home and away from friends for over two months.

If there is any time we need to stand up and fight together, that time is now. Sitting down and weeping will only make it worse. Stars don’t shine without darkness, and as stars, these dark moments will surely bring out the best in us. We will surely emerge stronger on the other side. There is always calm after the storm and this storm currently raging is no different. It will soon be over if we don’t give up hope. Looking back at where we’ve come from and how far we are to go can make even the bravest to get scared, but we can never know how far we can go unless we try.

Strength is abundant on our inside than we can ever imagine. Just don’t give up yet. Hold on a little and rally round those who are depending on you. Lift the hands that are beginning to get weak and keep your head up. Like Queen Elizabeth II shared in her address to the nation on the 5th of April, “We will succeed and that success will belong to every one of us. We will meet again”.

As individuals, we are warriors and we mustn’t forget who we are. Our hearts may be broken, but our spirits are not. We refuse to give up even amid the raging battle that has consumed continents and regions. When we go through adversity, we ultimately discover our true selves. At the lowest moments in our lives, we discover our strength and capacity to absorb pains. Slowly and steady, we’ll get there as long as we refuse to give up!

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