Giving up

Giving up is never an option

So often in life, we feel like giving up in the face of several challenges and situations. We feel like giving up when we are faced with discouragement, rejection, failure, heartbreak, disappointment sickness, and other challenges that we consider too much to bear.

 One thing people tend to forget when all they want to do is give up is that failure doesn’t fix anything. You might feel relief for a moment because you no longer have to face those challenges, but the satisfaction will be fleeting.  Giving up on your challenges teaches you nothing but trying something till the end of your capacity gives a lesson. Always have it in the back of your mind that it takes a lot of effort, perseverance, and hard work to be successful in life.

The moment you decide to throw in the towel might be the moment when your success journey begins. So often in life, when people give up, they are just a step away from success. No matter what the challenges you are facing might be, there is a reason why you got to go through it. Choose to see obstacles as lessons because in most cases, challenges are there to point you in a direction you have previously not considered.  Trust in this and keep going!! 

People judge themselves so harshly and assume that they are just not capable if they seem to be failing at something they want forgetting that no one becomes great overnight.  If you have a big dream, you are going to have to do great work to achieve them.

Finally, the thought of giving up on challenges will always come as you journey through life because great things never come easy.  Rather than making giving up a habit, learn to understand what it is that is demotivating you,  adjust your mindset learn to deal with challenges as they come, and quit on the idea of making giving up an option in life.

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