Fuelling your passion for success

Passion is the catalyst that drives the wheel of your progress in life. Life is a mixture of the good, bad and ugly. There are times you wake up and suddenly you feel like just giving up trying to succeed in life. That is a definite signal to refuel your passion.

The big question is: How can one ignite or fuel his/her passion daily? I cannot admit to having all the answers to this important question, but I will be sharing some tips I have picked up in my short journey through life.

Change environment

When we stay too long in a particular location, it can become so boring and uninspiring. We can do ourselves a world of good via changing of environment. Go to a new city for a few days and have a feel of some fresh air. This will no doubt fuel your passion and enthusiasm. You can also change apartment, by moving to somewhere more comfortable or cozy.

The natural environment has an aesthetic feeling which helps to inspire those who are creative enough to understand its importance… This is the main reason why some individuals go to great lengths in visiting resorts, islands, or mountains for daily inspiration.

Change your daily routine

If you are going through the same routine daily and you expect a higher level of results, it may never happen. One of the ways of optimizing our performance and propelling our passion for excellence is through constant change of routine and techniques. The desire is never to get complacent and attached to a particular method of doing things, we won’t have the passion to go for higher heights.

If you are fond of reading only one book per day, try reading two. Instead of driving home in your car daily, why not try walking home if the distance is a bit okay or taking public transport. You will be amazed by the numerous ideas that will flow in as you change your routine. If you are too rigid towards new ideas, it will be impossible for you to fuel your passion.

That is the main reason why some talented individuals after blazing the spotlight for a few years soon faded away because they couldn’t cope with new trends and technologies. They became burnt out and all that was left was just the carcass of their past success!

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