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Top 10 Football Websites across the world

Football is the most popular sport on planet earth with an estimated 3.5 billion fans worldwide, followed closely by cricket. Football is also lucrative and much loved by both the young, old, male, and females. A sport that unites and brings peace to war-torn countries and regions.

Thousands of football websites that are solely dedicated to covering football and football-related news abound on the internet. They are usually updated daily, as people keep tracking live news and analysis of their favourite teams. I shall be looking at the top 20 football websites based on SEO metrics and popularity among football fans globally.

Top on the list of football websites is the American based football website that offers a wide range of news, live football scores and analysis to more than 2 billion viewers globally. They have a Google page rank of 8/10 and a cPR score of 8.8/10. To confirm their popularity, they have a Global rank of 141.

According to Goal is the largest online football publication in the world, and the 2nd largest online sports publication in the world. Their popularity is shown by their Google Page Rank of 8/10 and an impressive cPR score of 8.6/10 with a Global ranking of 1,306. They have won several international sports award for their in-depth football reportage and precise analysis of major football Leagues, including the UEFA Champions League.

This particular website is one of the most popular sites most football fans often visit for live football scores. They also display football league tables of major leagues like the EPL, La Liga, Italia Serie A, and the German Bundesliga. Google Page rank- 6/10, cPR score- 6.9/10, Global rank- 1,137.

There is no doubt about the best league in the world, which is the English Premier League. This website showcases all the latest news from the League including fantasy football. An updated league table and score are available in real-time for those who need to see what their team is playing. Google Page rank- 7/10, cPR score- 7.7/10, Global rank- 1,985.

Sky Sports is a British based sports channel that together with BT Sports and Amazon, hold exclusive rights to air the English Premier League matches for the 2019/20 football season. They are owned by Sky Group UK and have the reputation of live coverage of not just matches, but football transfer and news globally. Google Page rank- 8/10, cPR score- 8.3/10, Global rank- 2,188.

This is the official website that covers all European Football Association competitions like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, and the UEFA Youth for all 55 association members. The website has details of each affiliate association and gives live scores of all UEFA Competitions with videos of matches. Google Page rank- 8/10, cPR score- 8.5/10, Global rank- 5,346.

This website is one of the most visited during the transfer window period. They carry live news feeds about potential transfers globally and gives the estimated transfer market value for each player based on a certain algorithm. The website also displays live statistics of the most valuable players. A list of the most valuable clubs globally can also be found on the website. Google Page rank- 6/10, cPR score- 6.6/10, Global rank- 6,705.

This is the official website of The Federation of International Football Association. They carry loads of information on FIFA competitions like the FIFA Men’s World Cup, FIFA U-20 World Cup, FIFA U-17 World Cup, FIFA Women’s World Cup, FIFA Beach soccer World Cup and the FIFA Futsal World Cup. Live score of FIFA Matches and videos can be seen on the website. The latest FIFA World ranking for all countries affiliated to FIFA is also displayed on the site. Google Page rank- 8/10, cPR score- 8.6/10, Global rank- 13,983.

Talk Sport is the licensee of an exclusive package of international audio broadcasting rights. They pride themselves as ‘The world biggest sports radio station’. Visitors to the website can listen to live football matches and view the real-time score. They also have a section for football transfer news around the globe. Google Page rank- 7/10, cPR score- 7.9/10, Global rank- 14,510.

Every website is unique in its contents. This website is the best when it comes to stats of players and teams in major leagues globally. Live football news, quizzes, and match analysis can be easily accessed via the website. Google Page rank- 6/10, cPR score- 6.9/10, Global rank- 47,185.

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