5 Job interview tips for graduates

Five Job interview tips for graduates

Getting a job after graduation is always a priority for most graduates. The process involves putting in applications to several companies and then been picked for an interview if your CV fits the portfolio you applying for. The real challenge, however, is that most companies have certain criteria when selecting candidates to fill advertised positions. It is therefore important that applicants get prepared when going for an interview to improve their success rate.

Dress smart, but don’t overdress

One of the things interviews look out for is your dressing. The way you dress to an interview speaks volumes about your personality. The first impression matters a lot and so you must dress appropriately before heading out for the interview. A rule of thumb is to dress formally. Don’t overdress, as this may eventually work against you.

Do lots of research about the company before going for the interview 

I once attended an interview where one of the interviewers asked one of the applicants about the name of the CEO of the company. Unfortunately, the guy never had enough wisdom to research about the company. That was the end of the interview, as he never got feedback from the company. You must read up as much information as you can about the company you planning to get recruited into. It is a sign you are genuinely serious about working with them.

Be mindful of what you eat before going for the interview 

Interview sessions may take a while before they are concluded. In most cases, it is important you take something light, rather than eating something that may end up making you uncomfortable before and during the interview session. Avoid eating eggs before going for an interview. Eggs contain an element called sulfur, which produces a foul smell gas. There can be no embarrassment compared to that of fouling an interview venue.

Be honest about your response and never try to be smarter than those interviewing you

It is common to see graduates attending job interviews, trying to answer all questions thrown at them. However, if for any reason, a question seems to be a bit outside your range, you should be honest about it and avoid trying to answer it by all means. There is a huge advantage in being frank about questions been asked. The interviewers would appreciate it more than you giving answers that aren’t relevant to the questions asked.

Bonus tips

Get all your documents ready and kept in a neat folder. 

A night before the interview date, ensure all documents and CV are filed properly in a very neat folder. The more organized you appear as a graduate going before an interview panel, the more positive impression you will have on the interviewers.

Arrive early to the venue and avoid a last-minute rush. 

Getting early to the interview venue has a whole lot of advantages. You get first-hand information about the procedure to be used for the interview. You also get updates and additional info regarding the interview itself. Going late to an interview can be a nightmare, as you are disoriented and tensed up. Ideally, arriving there an hour before the interview time is recommended.

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