How to create eBooks and sell profitably on the internet

What is an e-book?

EBooks have become so popular in the past decade that they have gradually become accepted within the literary world. The ‘e’ in front of “book is all the difference between the conventional book that you know and this one. The ‘e’ stands for “electronic”. So, we are talking about “electronic book”, just like your email (electronic mail). Software such as Neo Book, Web Compiler, and so on produce e-books. There are many e-books on the Internet that are being sold. And this is where you come in.

Do you have special knowledge that you think someone who needs it will pay you for it? When the issue of someone having specialized knowledge comes up, some people feel uncomfortable. Dear friends, specialized knowledge does not have to be something from the moon. It could simply be how to send a dress or how to compose a song.

Now, if you can describe, step-by-step, how one may achieve this goal, perhaps with appropriate illustrations to go with it, that is information product ready to be packaged as an e-book and be sold from your website. The most important point to take note if it is that you must be passionate about what you want to write on, and then it will produce your profit.

How to create an eBook

– You can either use Adobe PageMaker or CorelDraw in creating the e-book.
– Use CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2020 (version 22) or version 7.0 Adobe PageMaker.
– Type the layout of your eBook using the Adobe PageMaker.
– Design the cover page using CorelDraw and import it to your Adobe Pagemaker.
– after you have finished the layout of the pages in the e-book, and you are ready to publish, using CorelDraw, these are the steps:

Step 1
Go to File and click on publish to PDF

Step 2
Save as PDF window prompts you, where you want to save it and next click save.
To publish your eBook using Adobe PageMaker, use the following steps:

Step 3
Go under file and go to export and from submenu go to Adobe PDF

Step 4
PDF dialogue box comes up; you can go to security to set some restrictions on your e-book.

Step 5
After everything, click on export; your export PDF dialogue box comes up for you to specify where to save your e-book.

Step 6
Complete the process by clicking on save.

NOTE: If you want to publish your e-book using CorelDraw, type using Microsoft Word or Word Pad and import it to the CorelDraw page.

If you want the first page to be cover page, go to layout and choose fresh page; after laying all pages, go to file and click on publish to PDF. Save as PDF window prompts you where you want to save it and next click save.

How does one upload an eBook to the Internet?

Many web hosts now offer an upload feature for web pages. In most cases, you will be able to use these control panels to upload your e-books.

Another effective way of uploading your product to the Internet is to FTP it up. All you have to do is select a good FTP product, input the information given to you by your host; and then upload your e-book in ‘binary’ format. Then simply link to it just as if you were linking to any other website link.

How does one sell e-book online?

After you have gotten your eBook idea, and it has been packaged, some mediums can help you market your e-book and you can begin to profit from that e-book. Use any of the search engines to locate a good e-book sales site This site will help you market your e-book, and a percentage of the profit comes to you the author.

How does one increase sales of an eBook?

The most powerful selling technique is also the cheapest. It is free. The best way to create a surge of orders for any eBook is to find people who have already built up an audience of prospects and joint ventures with them. Set up an affiliate program for your product. Then contact top sites with already established traffic. Offer them increased commissions (at least 50% or more) and watch as hundreds of orders come surging in.

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