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Don’t be afraid of starting Small

Starting small can sometimes be a barrier to those who are not patient in life. The starting point of every great accomplishment is froth with discouragement and hiccups. The most important point is starting something, no matter how small that venture or business looks. Like a mustard seed, that small venture can eventually blossom to something beyond your imagination. You can never know how far you can go in life until you try.

When the seed of an idea is generated, do well to plant it on fertile ground and water it daily with patience and hard work. Pour all your time, energy, and resources into it, and watch it grow into that perfect project you envisaged. It is a process that has worked for millions and is still functional. What kills great ideas most of the time is procrastination. You are waiting for the big break. You are waiting for the huge funds to implement the idea.

When Computer giants – Microsoft Corporation was established some years ago by a little unknown boy called Bill Gates, it was never given any chance of survival, but hard work and consistent innovations have eventually made the company the biggest computer firm in the world. It started so small but has blossomed over time. That is the power of starting small.

Some individuals are just too proud to start small; preferring to wait till the perfect time comes before they launch their perfect business. Unfortunately, that perfect time continues to elude them and the idea dies a natural death. Two friends once shared their business ideas. One of the friends had this idea of starting a particular blend of fruit juice.

He already had an idea of the fruit combination to use. Unfortunately, months turned into years and one faithful day, he saw a sample of the exact fruit juice he shared with his friend. His friend had gone ahead to implement the idea after waiting for 4 years, to see what would become of the idea. It was a bitter feud that ensued between them both.

So many individuals are not disposed to starting small, and research has shown that only people who are careful in managing resources and are disposed to a humble beginning can conserve the money to start afresh. We must be able to let go of ego and start doing something positive in the direction of our dreams and goals in life.

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