fear and anxiety

Dealing with fear and anxiety

The world, in its complex form, gives both bad and good stakes. Therefore, despite individuals’ or cooperate’ good intentions, everyone will have his share of challenges. Whether it’s a life-threatening situation, lack of wants, a jerk-off boss, or simply safety issues, we’re all going to experience fear and anxiety at some point in our lives.

You must understand that fear can be present in both unpleasant and pleasant situations. But the main factors and determinants of fear and anxiety are psychological. When you are experiencing a strong and uncontrollable conflict in your emotion on a thing that you perceived, it could result in failure, death, or any unpleasant situation. The imagined danger, as a result, is what leads to fear and anxiety.

So how do you balance this hazardous condition in your life? Here are some ideas and tips to help solve the problem.

How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety

There are many ways to address fear and anxiety, but I will show you five tricks to overcome your fear and deal with your anxiety.

  • Develop Self-talk: Start a conversation within yourself- intrapersonal communication. Ask yourself sincere questions, give yourself profound answers. Questions like; what will happen if I do this? How can I escape this mess? Who has experience situations like this? Did they survive it? Does this issue worth to worry about? Be analytical in your talk. After the whole thing, make sure you resolve and make an appealing conclusion.
  • Seek Help: Sometimes, some situations might be bigger than you. It is not everything you keep to yourself. When you are experiencing fear and anxiety, seek outside help, reach out for assistance. It might be from professional personnel (counselor), friends, family, or colleagues. Think of anybody that can help in such a situation. Speak out and speak up.
  • Fight Conflicts Directly: Take a deep breath, take time for yourself, keep your breath calm and relaxed. See to yourself and where your strength lies. Leverage on your previous success, remind yourself of how you overcame some terrible moments of your life. After doing this, launch into action. Fight what is fighting you. Then watch how the fear and anxiety will disappear.
  • Follow your Intuition: Intuition is very powerful in the face of danger, fear, or anxiety. Learn how to listen to yourself. I call this “self obedience.” When you feel like going, don’t hesitate, go! It’s usually an escape route. When your intuition tells you to stop, obey it.
  • Take risks: You would have heard this in many situations; take a risk! Life is a risk; everything we do in life is a risk. Traveling is a risk; eating is a risk; sleeping is a risk… Nonetheless, make sure you take a reasonable, calculatable, and justifiable risk. Don’t let the situation take advantage of you. A risk-taker is a record-breaker. Take the risk, and you won’t die by doing so.

Please note: Ensure you do your due diligence and proper analysis before taking risks.

Face your fear and remember that if the force within is not greater and stronger than the one without, you will be frustrated and be defeated. Nothing can defeat you, not even fear and anxiety but YOU! Your internal make-ups or resolutions are vital in addressing the negative thoughts or incidents.

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