Childlessness and the challenge of comforting your spouse

Childlessness can be described as the state of having no children. Many factors can cause childlessness. However, we would not be focusing on the causes, but the way to help comfort one’s spouse who may be struggling due to childlessness.

Life can be so cruel when we least expect it to be. This can best be illustrated in the life of young couples who after getting married and for obvious reasons are unable to give birth to kids of their own. This can be so hard for the woman to bear because by nature they are more emotional than men.

I have seen rare cases where partners had to wait for more than ten years after marriage before they experienced the joy of having babies. And you will agree with me that such situations can be so frustrating. I will be sharing some practical tips on how to comfort partners who are going through this painful experience.

Create a platform for communications

One of the problems partners face is that of communication. This problem is often blown to greater proportion when such partners are facing the issue of childlessness. This sudden silence can be devastating especially to women. Channels of communications must be continuously open to cushion the negative effect associated with this ailment.

Don’t remain indoors

There is always the temptation for partners to remain indoors because of the stigma associated with childlessness. This must be discarded and a better option can be implemented. This involves both partners going out together to somewhere conducive and quiet. It will help ease pain and restore happiness.

Keep on trying and don’t give up

Men often give up on their spouses when they have made several futile attempts to procreate. This can multiply the burden of any woman as she may become withdrawn and feel lonely and unwanted. The period of childlessness should be used to create a closer bond with your spouse. Keep trying to have sexual intimacy with your spouse, as there can be a chance of breaking the cycle of delay with persistent effort.

Think about adopting a child

This is a very ideal option when every gray area has been properly taken care of.
I have had the opportunity of witnessing a situation where a partner adopted a child, and after just two years, they eventually had a child of their own. What they did was to shower love on their adopted son. This shower of love soon created the right atmosphere for the seed of conception to be activated.

Modern technology has made it easier

The most important aspect of dealing with childlessness is the intimacy you keep sharing with your spouse. When you both share beautiful moments, thoughts, anxiety, and worries will not be an issue. So, the possibility of staying in touch with your spouse is always there, thanks to modern technological gadgets.

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