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We aspire each day to be better than what we were yesterday


Discover your purpose and start living your dream

The purpose is that feeling that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, that you are needed, and that you have something better ahead to work for. The purpose is what creates true happiness. J. K. Rowling got rejected 12 times before she finally wrote and published Harry Potter. Even Beyoncé had to make hundreds of songs to get Halo.

There is a popular saying about purpose: “When the purpose of something is not known, abuse becomes inevitable”. This quote is so true in every area of life. Some do struggle in life, even when they are talented or gifted in several ways.

How do I discover my purpose?

This is often the question of most individuals trying to find meaning out of life. The truth is that there are steps and guidelines to discovering your area of competence. For example, when people keep appreciating how good you are in certain specific areas, it may be a sign.

Most often, we don’t see our gifts or talents. People around us can help us point us in the direction of our purpose in life. In this case, you need to pay attention and never ignore what others are saying about you.

Another amazing way of knowing where your direction in life lies is to check inward. Take out time and do a soul-searching probe of your inner self. Your heart is the best tool to discover your true purpose and passion in life. Ask yourself some salient questions: what do I love doing for hours without getting bored? What gives me the greatest joy in life? What is my greatest passion?

The greatest successes in life usually come from having the freedom to fail. Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clearer as you work on them. You just have to get started. It is never too late to start living your dream life. All it takes is to discover your true self and start working towards achieving that beautiful dream of yours.


Discover the hidden talent inside of you

Serena and Venus Williams became household names before they turned 25, but that was before their father who loved lawn tennis had been careful enough to know that his daughters were born to become lawn tennis champions. He knew the treasure these little girls were carrying on their inside.

The day you can identify the gift on your inside, it will be impossible for you to become stranded in life. The reason why millions fail amid countless possibilities and opportunities is tied down to ignorance.

I will never forget the story of a man who went begging for bread when right inside his room was a check of $5,000 sent to him by an insurance company for claims due to him from his previous employer. He never knew how to read or write and he died without enjoying the benefit of his labor.

That is the same tragedy that occurs in the world daily, as thousands of brilliant and creative individuals die daily without utilizing the treasures lying on their inside. They go to the grave with ideas that would have liberated their entire generation from financial poverty and distress.

The first step towards living a meaningful life is to discover the hidden talent inside you. Everyone carries within them, a measure of gift and talent. These talents when discovered can be nurtured and utilized positively. It takes patience, hard work, and determination to harness your talent, but it is always worthwhile.

Today, the beautiful gift Richard Williams discovered in both Serena and Venus, 35 years ago, has blossomed into amazing talent. It all started from diligently looking out for that special spark, then carefully grooming it into something big.

Remember, it is not always rosy and smooth sailing, even when you are talented. Great athletes and talented individuals do go through dry spells. Patience, perseverance, and focus are the key attributes that will see you to the finish line.


Hope keeps the heart alive

On November 4, 2008, Senator Barack Obama defeated John McCain to become the 44th President of the United States of America. By that victory, he also became the first African elected to the White House.

Before the election, the young senator wrote the best selling book titled: “The audacity of Hope”. It was an intriguing book that showcased the American dream and the possibility of achieving these lofty dreams.

That same sentiment has always kept some individuals strong, even in the face of daunting challenges. A few days ago, I shared my sentiment concerning the tenacity of Arsenal FC fans.

I tweeted: “Sometimes you got to praise the courage and resilience of Arsenal fans. Season after season, that constant heartbreaking experience never weigh them down. I draw inspiration from them and this week I’ll be writing an article dedicated to all Arsenal fans. You deserve all the Love”

Funny enough, the football season started on a very beautiful note for the London side, as they clinched both the FA Cup and the Community shield. An ecstatic Mikel Arteta was over the moon as he savored two trophies in his new managerial career at Arsenal.

The mood among Arsenal fans was even made merrier with the litany of signings in the summer transfer window. In came the likes of Thomas Partey, Gabriel Magalhaes, Willian, Runar Alex Runarsson, Pablo Mari, Cedric Soares, and Dani Ceballos.

The hope of a good run in the new season was high. Defense, midfield, and attack had been fortified. Unai Emery had been shown the exit door and Mikel Arteta was given a warm reception.

Everything was put in motion to ensure Arsenal brings back the glory years, and the FA Cup and Community shield triumph was an appetizer to the ever-loyal Arsenal faithful.

Fast forward to week 12 of the 2020/2021 English Premier League season, and Arsenal are rooted in the 15th position in the EPL Log after an embarrassing 1-0 loss at home to Burnley. It was not the first time they were losing at home this season.

Sundays’ loss to Burnley was Arsenal’s 4th consecutive home defeat at home this season. The initial hope that came with Mikel Arteta’s coming and the new signings have fizzled out. The alarm bell has started ringing, as rumors have started going around about the possibility of looking for a new manager.

It has indeed been a turbulent time for Arsenal supporters, as they have endured years of pain. The pain of going from season to season without a major trophy can be so devastating, but the ever-resilient gunner fans have always stood behind the club and players.

The audacity of hope can be seen in the play, as they keep dreaming about some positive moment. Unfortunately, someone jokingly tweeted about Arsenal’s trophyless run after Diego Maradona died recently. “Did you know that Diego Maradona died without seeing arsenal winning the champions league, he lived for 60 years

It was a rather embarrassing fact, that highlight the long wait for Joy among the Arsenal fans. Indeed, things have not gone according to plan this season, and confidence is at an all-time low among players.

Mesut Ozil

There have been fingers pointing at the ill-treatment meted out to Mesut Özil as been responsible for Arsenals dismal display so far. Indeed, the creative midfielder has been frozen from Arsenals first team since March 2020.

He remains Arsenal’s most creative midfielder and there is already a clamor for his recall to the team. The possibility of Mesut linking up with the squad in January is high, even as pressure keeps mounting on Mikel Arteta.

Lack of goals

Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Eddie Nketiah have been used as Arsenal’s main striking options this season, but their goal return has been dismal. Aubameyang has played 12 premier league matches this season and has scored just 2 goals.

Alexandre Lacazette has played 8 matches and made 2 substitute appearances this season with 3 goals to show. Eddie Nketiah has started 1 premier league match and made 9 substitute appearances and has just 1 goal to his name. Unfortunately, goals can only come when chances are created. Sadly, creativity is absent in the middle of the pack.

The manager

Questions have been raised about the ability of Arteta to steer Arsenal from the murky water of despondency into a top 4 team that they are used to. As an assistant to Pep Guardiola, he was never faced with these sorts of challenges.

Experience at the top level may be lacking. How to rightly utilize players at his disposal is another challenge. How he handles the Mesut Ozil situation will further show his capacity as a manager. Technically, he still has few things to learn in the game, but helping Arsenal to a respectful finish seems to be the agenda for now.

The agony of hope

Watching Mikel Arteta’s post-match interview after the Burnley defeat was heart-rendering. He was pensive and almost in tears. I could imagine the pain and turmoil inside of him. He didn’t look too hopeful, just like millions of Arsenal fans who have already resigned themselves to whatever comes their way.

Arsenal’s next four games will be crucial

The next four games for Arsenal have assumed a more significant dimension considering the situation of the club. They play Southampton at home, Everton away and Manchester City in the EFL Cup Quarterfinal. They then welcome Chelsea at home on boxing day in a must-win game. If they drop points in three EPL games, they may be swimming in the murky waters of relegation.

The audacity of hope may eventually give way to the pain of resignation. It’s a lonely world out there and even in this festive season, let’s keep sending love and light to all Arsenal fans. They are the real heroes in this unique chapter of the club’s unenviable transition.

Gidado Toyeeb

Gidado Toyeeb: “I almost gave up on football”

Gidado Toyeeb may not be a household name in the Nigeria Professional Football League. However, the creative midfielder who plies his trade with 2nd Division side, Remo Stars FC, Sagamu, Nigeria is a delight to watch. Speaking to him in an Instagram interview recently, he shared some of his beautiful moments in the round leather game.

Soft-spoken, intelligent, and always smiling, Gidado Toyeeb cuts across as someone with a burning desire. A desire to excel in his footballing career. Unfortunately, his career had not always been smooth sailing. There was a time the attacking Midfielder almost gave up the beautiful game of football.

Tanko, as Gidado is nicknamed thought about giving up the sport he loved after two botched football trials he couldn’t attend. He already got the invitation letters for football trials in Belarus and another one to the United States.

Unfortunately, these trials never worked out, and the pain of missing out on an opportunity to play outside the shore of Nigeria was a huge blow to his career. It was one of the darkest moments in his beautiful career. The last football invitational trial he had was before signing for Calabar Rovers.

Coming over to Calabar Rovers was meant to help fill the void of the disappointment he felt in the botched football trials, but it wasn’t the case.  Calabar Rovers of Calabar, a team with so much history and following in Nigeria never lived to its reputation. Gidado’s sojourn in Calabar Rovers wasn’t the most pleasant, as he was owed months of wages.

It is a common feature to see some club sides in Nigeria not paying players wages for months. This impacts negatively on the performance of the players in the field of play. In 2016, it was widely reported that the Management of Warri Wolves FC were owing some of their players more than 8 months of wages. Top-flight clubs in the Nigeria Professional Leagues and the Nigeria National Leagues have been found culpable of this act.

It was a difficult moment for me back then. After a turbulent time at Rovers, when the season ended, I thought about quitting football”.  Despite the tough times he had at Calabar Rovers, he still has some fond memories of the football Club.

I won my first major honor as a pro footballer with Rovers, as we won the State FA Cup in 2019. We also reached the Semi-Finals of the Federation Cup. We beat the likes of Wikki Tourist of Bauchi, Plateau United of Jos, and Bendel Insurance of Benin, before losing to Kano Pillars on penalties

Gidado started his professional football career with highflying  Stationery Stores of Lagos, where he became the club captain and inspiration. After two seasons with the Lagos-based club, he moved over to Calabar Rovers, before been snapped up by Remo Stars FC. Coincidentally, Gidado Toyeeb had played against them before.

“Remo Stars FC already knew my potential as I played against them in my first season with Stationery Stores of Lagos. Though they won the game 2-1, I scored the only goal of the match. When I came to Remo Stars, the coach and chairman- Hon Kunle Soname already knew me so well and it was just a matter of let’s see you play again and i was signed”

The move to Remo Stars was a turning point in Gidado’s career, as the welfare of players is a top priority. Facilities are top-notch and the serene atmosphere within the training ground helps the players to excel.

For now, the attacking midfielder is enjoying a new lease of life and the future looks bright. The team manager and chairman have helped imbibe a culture of professionalism.


How To Develop The Insight of A Leader

While numerous aspects and necessities of adequately leading, might be instructed, prepared, and additionally created, when somebody considers it important and has adequate responsibility, there is a level of instinct, required and vital, for one, to get things achieved, and change hindrances, to challenges (to survive), as opposed to seeing these, as issues!

Genuine leaders must have the INSIGHT, to consider things as they could, and ought to be, and ask, for what reason not, as opposed to only considering them, to be they are, and whining, and additionally addressing, why they are! In view of that, this article will endeavor to quickly talk about, look at, consider, and audit, utilizing the memory helper approach, a portion of the basics, identified with this, and why they matter.

Philosophy; honesty

A qualified leader must have faith in, and focus on, the center belief system, of the association, he speaks to, and constituents, he serves! There is no place, for false-conviction, at the same time, rather, he should continue, reliably, with the most extreme level of authentic, total respectability, keeping in mind the end goal to dispassionately think about requirements, needs, and choices.

Needs; subtleties

True leadership must be founded on, and center around the necessities, observations, objectives, and needs, of the gathering, and an eagerness, to continue, with a nuanced approach, keeping in mind the end goal to address the one of a kind qualities of the particular association.

Framework; reasonable arrangement

Leading doesn’t just happen, yet requires a very much considered framework to address the most ideal approach. Pseudo-leaders, frequently, appear to fear extending their own customary ranges of familiarity, while certified ones inspect alternatives, openings, legacy, and needs, and present quality, economical arrangements.

Thoughts; creative energy

Will you create, have, and use an applicable creative energy, keeping in mind the end goal to have the capacity to perceive and separate between, pie-in-the-sky, and significant thoughts?

Create altruism; development

One must acknowledge the truth that associations, either reliably experience important development, or lose their significance and maintainability! To do as such, he should understand the need to continually, produce altruism, not just by his talk and additionally guarantees, in any case, rather by his activities and systems!

Legacy/history; mending; head/heart

To lead, a particular gathering, one must look at and comprehend the history and legacy, and its criticality, to the mission and vision of that association. One’s endeavors must spotlight on mending, and joining together, as opposed to polarizing! Doing as such, requires, utilizing, both, one’s passionate and coherent segments, in a head/heart adjust.


While dawdling is presumably the single-greatest snag to adequately having any kind of effect, genuine leaders acknowledge, they should continue, in both, a very much considered, and, auspicious way!

*Will you create and seek after the INSIGHT of a leader? Would it be advisable for you to seek after this way?

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