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Tears, sorrow, and Blood

Tears filled the eyes of Jimoh Raji Atanda 52, the father of 20 years old Jimoh Isiaq who was brutally murdered by SARS (Special anti-robbery squad) officers of the Nigerian Police Force on the 10th of October, 2020. The sad incident occurred during the protest by youths calling for the disbandment of the rogue unit. Jimoh Isiaq was shot multiple times, even though he was unarmed and not actively involved in the protest.

People had come to pay a condolence visit to him and to comfort him on the death of his son. Words couldn’t stop the tears from flowing, as he recalled the happy moments he spent with his son. The sorrow around his home was palpable, as he shared the harrowing story about how bullets were extracted from his dying son.

The Nigerian Police force, created in 1820, has always been noted for its notoriety, brute force, and killings, that has left in its wake, thousands of deaths, maim, deformed, and helpless citizens still fighting for justice. The tears and sorrow caused by these men in black, can never be quantified.

The late Afrobeat King Fela Anikulapo Kuti, before his death in 1997 sang a lot about police brutality, government corruption, and the systemic failure of the government in Nigeria. His mother, Chief Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti had a bitter spell in the hands of the state-owned Police.

In 1977, she was thrown from the second floor of her house and died of complications from the injuries she sustained in 1978. Till his death, Fela was a thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian Government, as he was always singing about the ills of the police and the wicked atrocities of the Nigerian Police.

Rollback to 2018 in London, United Kingdom, the current President Muhammadu Buhari during a panel appearance with world leaders at the Commonwealth Business Forum, referred to the Nigerian Youths as “Lazy”. It was a comment that sparked huge outrage back home in Nigeria. The general impression is that the average Nigerian Youth is docile and doesn’t care about the affairs of the country.

This narration however changed on Thursday, October 8th, 2020, when a small pocket of youths staged a protest outside the Lagos State House of Assembly Assembly Complex in Lagos, Nigeria. Their demand was for the scrapping of SARS and an end to police brutality. They came prepared with tents to pass the night and even got assurance about their safety from authorities.

Matters however turned from bad to worse when their tents were destroyed in the middle of the night and their lives were threatened by the same Nigerian Police force they were protesting against. Twitter was awash with an update about the situation, as a popular comedian Debo Adebayo was on the ground at the protest venue.

Pictures of the youths sleeping on bare floor greeted Nigerians the next morning and tension started building up. The heat was intense and the movement became unstoppable. In Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan, Owerri, Onitsha, Asaba, and in most states of Nigeria, the demand was clear: “No More SARS, No More Police brutality”.

The hashtag on Twitter was #ENDSARS. Twitter owner Jack Patrick Dorsey even gave his support to the protest by tweeting about it on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020.

The regular trademark of the Nigerian Police has always been tears, sorrow, and blood. The killings have been mind-boggling and most victims cut across sex, age, and class. The youths of recent have been the major target of the Nigerian Police, especially the SARS, as they are always harassed with impunity.

Here’s a roll call of some deaths that have been recorded over the years in the hands of the Nigerian Police. The list is inexhaustible, as more youths are been killed as I make this post

  • Chukwuemeka Matthew Onovo
  • Chibuike Anams
  • Christian Onuigbo
  • Chika Ibeku
  • Gabriel Ejoor Owoicho
  • Precious Odua
  • Johnson Nnaemeka
  • Stephen Agbanyim
  • Chidi Odinauwa
  • Azuamaka Victor Maduamago
  • Emmanuel Egbo
  • Godgift Ferguson Ekerete
  • Tony Oruama
  • Harry Ataria
  • Daniel Adewuyi Tella
  • Modebayo Awosika
  • Chinedu Ani
  • Linda Igwetu
  • Tina Ezekwe
  • Peter Ofurum
  • Rinji Balla Uzziel
  • Johnson Kolade
  • Tiyamiu Kazeem
  • Chima Ikwunado
  • Ifeoma Abuga
  • Sleek Sunday
  • Femi Bello
  • Anthony Onome Unuode
  • Jimoh Isiaq
  • Mus’ab Sammani
  • Richard Gora
  • Chijioke Iloanya
  • Joseph Zita
  • Joseph Eidonojie Ugbeni
  • Anita Akapson
  • Ifeanyi Ozor
  • Chinedu Meniru
  • Augustina Arebu
  • Anthony Nwokike
  • Paulinus Ogbonna
  • Ekena Isaac Megbe
  • Emeka Ojinze
  • Ademola Moshood
  • Ismaila Anyinla
  • Joy Ndubueze
  • Ikechukwu IIohamauzo

The list is a sad commentary of the brutal nature of the Nigerian Police, which has seen it been ranked as worst in the world by https://africa-facts.org/botswana-police-ranked-africas-best-nigeria-at-bottom-of-global-report/ These youths have had their dreams cut short. Footballers, musical artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, auto mechanics, students, and hard-working individuals have been sent to their early graves via the excesses of the rogue Nigerian Police Force.

Tears are still flowing freely among victims of police brutality, and the pains caused may take a while to heal, even as the government has scrapped SARS and renamed it as SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Team). Things have not changed, as tension is still high in most cities across the country, with reported cases of police brutality persisting.

Total Police reform is been advocated, even as the youth have outlined 5 major demands to the government. These demands are:

  • Immediate release of all arrested protesters
  • Justice for all deceased victims of police brutality and appropriate compensation for their families
  • Setting up an independent body to oversee the investigation & prosecution of all reports of police misconduct (within 10 days)
  • In line with the new Police Act, psychological evaluation & retraining (to be confirmed by an independent body) of all disbanded SARS officers before they can be redeployed
  • Increase police salary so that they are adequately compensated for protecting the lives and property of citizens.

Unfortunately, these demands are yet to be met by the government, even as state-sponsored thugs are been deployed to disrupt the peaceful protest. Cars and equipment were burnt in Abuja and Lagos, even as the Edo State and Lagos State Government have imposed curfew in all parts of the state.

Albinos are becoming more vulnerable worldwide

Albinos are becoming more vulnerable worldwide

As the world celebrates the International Albinism Awareness day today, there is a need for sober reflection. There has been a systematic marginalization, suppression, victimization, and undue alienation of Albinos worldwide. They have been made to pay for what they aren’t responsible for. These are amazing humans whose beautiful lives have been disrupted by those with a warped mindset and negative age-long beliefs

What is Albinism?

This is a relatively rare, non-contagious condition that results in the body been unable to produce melanin. Melanin is the pigment that colors the skin, eyes, and hair. Both parents must carry the gene for an individual to have Albinism. The genetic condition is also referred to as hypo-pigmentation, and it’s known to affect all vertebrates including humans.

Geographical spread

Albinos are found in virtually all parts of the world. The actual number of Albinos worldwide cannot be accurately estimated as there is an absence of an active database to capture their figures. A rough estimate shows that 1 in 20,000 people worldwide are Albinos. An interesting fact worth mentioning is that the little island nation of Fiji has the highest number of Albinos worldwide. 1 in 17,000 Fijians lives with the genetic defect.

Challenges facing Albinos


Most Albinos are regarded as been abnormal and evil, especially in certain parts of the world. They usually don’t have friends, as people often don’t like to mingle with them. There is that general belief, especially in Africa that Albinos are not good people. The stigma associated with this genetic disorder doesn’t allow Albinos to get involved in social activities. Those who are involved in trading often struggle, because people don’t want to patronize them. This has seriously affected their social and economic status.

Harsh climatic conditions

Albinos living in Africa, where the weather conditions are hot and humid, are prone to skin cancer. This is due to the effect of Ultraviolet rays from the sun on their skin layers. The absence of melanin in their skin, hair, and eye means they are susceptible to the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation and are at greatest risk of getting infected with skin cancer. They are usually advised to wear suitable clothing and put on sunglasses to protect their eyes.

Danger of death

In some countries in Africa like South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania, Albinos are hunted like rhinos or elephants for their body parts. They live in constant fear for their lives. In 2018 for example, more than 400 cases of Albino’s murder in over 26 countries in Africa were reported. Unfortunately, culprits are never brought to face the crime they’ve committed.

In a special report released in 2014, Amnesty International confirmed that at least 20 Malawians with Albinism have been killed for their body parts. Children living with Albinism are more vulnerable as they struggle with their academic work due to eye defects. They also struggle to cope with constant bullying from other children.

Salif Keita, a World-renowned musician, shared his thoughts on some of the challenges facing Albinos: “Being born albino in Africa is a true tragedy. Why? Because people with Albinism are isolated, persecuted, and sometimes murdered because of occult beliefs regarding the origin of their white skin color”.

Salif Keita presently runs a foundation supporting people living with Albinism.  The Salif Keita Global Foundation Inc (SKGF) 

Odion Ighalo

Odion Ighalo: Set to be the Highest paid African Footballer in History

Odion Ighalo is in the news today for the right reasons. His steady rise to stardom can only be likened to a fairy tale. He has always believed in the saying: “Favor over labor”. Popularly called the favored man, the 30-year-old former Julius Berger FC of Nigeria striker have seen his stock rise in the international market in the last few months.

News coming in say the Lagos born striker is set to become the highest-paid African footballer in history. Presently on a 6 months loan from his Chinese Super League club- Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, his plan loan extension by Manchester United has apparently been rejected.

He is been offered a whooping £400,000 per week contract by his Chinese club. This is coming on the heels of his amazing performance for Manchester United before the break caused by coronavirus pandemic. He made a total of 8  appearances and scored  4 goals.

He currently earns £130,000 at Manchester United and would no doubt be the cynosure of all eyes when he goes back to his parent club when the Chinese Super League restarts. An amazing player who has blossomed in the twilight of his career. Odion Ighalo shared his sentiment while joining Manchester United on the 1st of February this year: “I never thought this was going to happen but dreams do come through”.

Indeed, the man who was the highest goal scorer at the last African Nations Cup (AFCON) 2019 held in Egypt with 5 goals, has always believed in his dreams. He has had a stint with Lyn Oslo of Norway, Udinese of Italy and Granada of Spain. In the 2014/2015 football season Watford FC then plying their trade in the English Championship signed Odion Ighalo and he led them in their Promotion to the English Premier League. It was at Watford he flourished and carved a name for himself as he emerged the clubs one of the highest goal scorers for the club. He made 82 appearances and scored an amazing 33 goals.

His performance attracted a whole lot of interest in the transfer market and Chinese Super League club- Changchun Yatai coughed out a massive £20 million for the striker in 2017. He spent a season and then moved over to Shangai Greenland Shenhua, from where he made a loan move to Manchester United in February this year after the injury to Manchester United’s main striker Marcus Rashford.

Odion Ighalo called it quit with international footballer last year, soon after the AFCON. He exited the tournament as the highest goal scorer, not without an injury though, as he got injured in Nigeria’s 2-1 loss to eventual tournament winners Algeria. If figures been peddled is true Odion Ighalo will surpass the likes of Samuel Eto Fils, Didier Drogba, John Obi Mikel, Yaya Toure, Emmanuel Seyi Adebayor, Mohammed Salah, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and Sadio Mane as the highest-paid African footballer of all time.

These are indeed good times for the man who was never given any chance of returning to the English Premier League. He has had some amazing dreams come through. In the coming days, he may continue his fairy tale rise to stardom.


Everything you need to know about Coronavirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the number one subject in print, electronics, and social media in the past few months. It is been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), due to its global impact and the devastating effect it has had on the entire world. As of today, the 10th of May 2020, the total number of deaths globally, has risen to 279,000, while the number of confirmed cases stood at 4.02Million. A total of 1.38 Million people have gladly recovered from the virus.

What is Coronavirus?

It is a novel virus that is infectious. One significant fact about the virus is that it affects the respiratory system, which includes your lungs and airway, making it difficult for those infected to breathe properly. Patients infected with the virus are usually aided with ventilators. Some symptoms of the virus include high temperature and dry and persistent coughing. Scientist says the virus can incubate in the human body for up to 2 weeks.

Origin of Coronavirus

It all started November last year, in the famous Wuhan seafood market, in China. It is believed to have come from bats that were sold in the market. Unfortunately, it took a while before the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the first case of the virus in China. That announcement came on the 31st of December 2019. The seafood market in Wuhan was thereafter closed, but the damage had already been done as the virus had spread to other countries.

Issues became a bit hostile when the American president during one of his briefings in March called Coronavirus the Chinese virus. He claimed China knew about it before it escalated and that they should have reacted faster to stop its spread.

Any hope of getting a vaccine soon?

The race to get a vaccine is still on in different parts of the world. The truth, however, according to medical experts is that it will take approximately 10-15 years to normally produce a vaccine. However, this process can be fast-tracked to between 3 to 6 months at most.

What is the process involved in producing a vaccine

  • Basic understanding of the virus
  • Vaccine candidates
  • Pre-clinical testing to be carried out on animals
  • Clinical trials to be carried out on humans
  • Regulatory approvals
  • Production

it is undoubtedly a meticulous process, but as the world awaits some good news about the production of a vaccine to combat this dreaded virus, the lockdown has been put in place in virtually all countries affected by this pandemic. The situation has grounded all sporting and social activities and only essential workers are been allowed to go to work.

Some safety tips

  • Stay at home and only travel when it is very essential
  • Maintain social distancing of 2 meters apart when you go out for shopping or while with others.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly or use hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough
  • Wash your hands before and after touching food items at home

For now, the Coronavirus figures have seemingly peaked in most countries and there are plans to relax the lockdown in France, Italy, and even the UK in the coming days. Hopefully, the worse of the pandemic has passed, and things will start picking up in most countries where there has been complete chaos as a result of the novel virus.

Tom Moore amazing show of Love

War veteran Captain Tom Moore did the extraordinary when he raised more than 40 million pounds for the NHS that helped him in his treatment for Cancer & broken hips. It was not just a symbolic gesture, but a selfless act by the 99 years old. 

In an age where people are only concerned about themselves, he thought about the pains and sufferings of others going through similar ailments and came up with the novel idea of raising some funds for the NHS as a special appreciation for their wonderful care and support while he was under admission.

One of the remarkable things about Captain Tom Moore’s achievement is the fact that he went against all odds and made the impossible possible. He is not well known as a celebrity. Funny enough, he doesn’t have a million followers on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. What motivated him to do the unthinkable was pure love. Genuine love is borne out of a beautiful heart. A heart that has seen better days, not our present-day where people only care about things that interest them. 

When you have a good heart, people will always go out of their way to support you. That was exactly what triggered the inflow of monumental support for Tom Moore’s initiative of raising funds for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden. 

The original fundraising target for the NHS was £1,000, but in an unprecedented twist of goodwill from those who saw Tom Moore’s amazing gesture, he was able to raise more than 40 Million pounds as he finished his 100th lap walk in the garden with the aid of a walking frame. 

As preparations for his 100 years birthday ramps up tomorrow, the gallant hero has received more than 125,000 birthday cards from within and outside the United Kingdom. It is indeed a noble act, coming on the heels of the dark clouds created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a mark of honor, soldiers from the 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, formed a guard of honor, as the 99 years old second World war veteran bravely made his way for the final laps. 

The Yorkshireman has received goodwill messages from Prince Williams, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the NHS, and other notable individuals. 

This is wishing him an amazing birthday celebration as he clocks 100 years tomorrow (30th April). His name has already been engraved in the hearts of millions of people globally. 

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