Business Start-Up- Small beginning shouldn’t discourage you


The business world may appear lucrative and eye-catching, but building a small scale business into a giant conglomerate is never an easy task. It involves a whole lot of processes and principles, which many find so tough to implement.

One of the many advice entrepreneurs are given while venturing into the business world is to start with whatever resources one has. So many business owners who have chains of businesses never started big.

The first step is to birth that profitable idea into life. Not all ideas may eventually become profitable when implemented. Test run the idea on a small scale using different business tools and confirm if the feedback is positive or not. This can be done via the use of surveys or questionnaires.

Secondly, draw up a watertight business plan, outlining every aspect of the business and the model to be implemented. If you are not too good in the technical areas of the business plan, that can be outsourced.

The next step is one of the most crucial steps in your journey towards starting that small business of yours. You got to draw up various sources of funding for your business. Personal savings, family and friends, angel investors, banks, and other SME donor agencies are some of the options available. In making your choice of where to draw your funding from, wisdom must be applied.

Finally, having secured funding for your business, ensure you already have all the contacts, tools, and other logistics in place before attempting to kick start the business. A small scale business is like a small car about to undertake a long journey. The car needs enough fuel (finance) to get to the desired destination. Good tyres with the needed air pressure, proper engine checks.

Note however that the beginning of every venture is usually tough and filled with lots of hurdles. It’s not smooth sailing like most entrepreneurs usually find out in the middle of the journey. The most crucial aspect of starting a small business venture is to aim high.  You should also avoid staying at the same level each year.

There is always room for expansion as the business starts picking up. Financial institutions are always keen to support a thriving enterprise as long as they’re a mutual relationship when it comes to funding repayments.

As we approach the middle of the year, let your goal of setting up that small or medium scale investment become a reality.


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