beauty beyond the eyes

Beauty beyond the eyes

Beauty, as they say, lies in the eyes of the beholder. What if the one who aught to behold your beauty is blind? That brings me to the subject of appreciating beyond what we can ever see. 

57 years ago,  Stevland Hardaway Morris (Stevie Wonder) composed one of his best selling albums: Fingertips at just age 13. The song was number one on the Billboard Hot 100. 

For those who may not be aware, Stevie Wonder is visually impaired, but he’s the most talented musician that America has ever produced. 

Beauty is in the heart and not in the eyes. The eyes of little children look beautiful when they are given birth to. Fast forward to 90 years later (if they are privileged to be alive), those beautiful eyes become wrinkled, weak, and partially blind. 

The heart is the center of beauty. A Beautiful heart can produce the most amazing songs we can ever imagine in life. When she sang her famous hit track “I dream a dream ” Susan Boyle was 47. She was just a local Scottish girl who wasn’t the most beautiful. Her beautiful song however compensated for all the beauty in the world. It came from a heart that was flowing with abundant kindness. 

Her beautiful heart gave her fortunes her physical beauty couldn’t give to her within the space of 2 years after her commanding performance at the British Got Talent 3rd edition held in 2008. Today, Susan Boyle’s net worth is estimated at over £22 Million. 

Cobham Asuquo is one of the most talented songwriters Nigeria has ever produced. He has successfully composed hit songs for the likes of Asa, Banky W,  Omawumi, and Waje. Though virtually impaired, he keeps churning out beautiful lyrics from his beautiful heart, and he has remained a source of inspiration to millions worldwide. 

I’ve always believed in the fact that “There is great ability in every disability ” Some saw visual impairment in Stevie Wonder, but his parents saw talent even at an early age. Some saw symptoms of a low IQ in Susan Boyle, but her beloved Mum saw perfection in her daughter’s imperfect state. She believed so much in Susan’s amazing talent even though Susan was getting weary after several failed attempts to launch her musical career. 

It all begins from our inside. There’s an awesome beauty lying on our inside. Beautiful ideas. Best selling albums. Table-topping hit singles. Books that millions will crave to read. They are all embedded in our beautiful hearts. Look on your inside and within lies your true beauty! 

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