Be Kind to yourself

Be Kind to Yourself

Most times, we show kindness to others and forget to be kind to ourselves. You speak harsh words to yourself and beat yourself up for the mistakes committed. Judy Belmont penned: “Forgive yourself for not having the foresight to know what now seems so obvious in hindsight.” Being kind to yourself means you let go of wrongs and strive to be a better individual. There are several ways to exhibit acts of kindness to yourself.

Have some me-time

Sometimes we get lost in caring and being there for others that we neglect ourselves. Create time for yourself. Do something you love. Keep a journal book, draw, play musical instruments, take a stroll, and relish nature’s beauty. 

Practice self-care

Typically, self-care is one way to show kindness to yourself. Eat healthy meals. Exercise regularly and get enough sleep. Limit stress by taking a break from work. Dress well and do not give room for negativity.

Acknowledge your achievements

Being kind to yourself encompasses acknowledging your achievements. Be proud of your good works. Give yourself accolades for jobs well done. Recognize each step you take to attain your goals. When you celebrate your success, your brain secretes dopamine, a feel-good chemical that spurs you to do more exploits.

Forgive yourself

Virtually everyone has regrets. You missed an excellent opportunity, hurt someone in the past, or failed to see a task through. Do not hold on to the past. Accept your wrongs and become better. 

Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations do a lot for your self-esteem and confidence. Do not entertain negative talks and depressing thoughts. Say positive things about yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror each morning and say words like: “I am enough,” “I am beautiful,” “I am kind.” These words will make you feel good about yourself. 

Talk to a therapist

Speaking to a therapist about your mental and emotional health is a way of being kind to yourself. Sometimes, we need to vent to someone to feel better. A therapeutic session allows you to express your feelings, hurts, and challenges without being criticized for your outbursts. 

Surround yourself with positive-minded people

Sometimes, when we are down, it is our loved ones that support us and pull us out of the rut. Surrounding yourself with positive-minded people uplifts your spirit and gives you another fresh start in life. Even when you are not kind to yourself, your friends should be compassionate and patient with you. Know your circle.

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