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Success means different things to different folks

Success is possible to those that believe

Success is one of the often searched words on the internet. A quick search on google and a search for the word “success” will bring up 245,000 search items. The reason why people search for success online is that they desire success. Unfortunately, desire alone is not enough guarantee for you to become successful in life.

Success takes time

Everything in life happens according to our time. Every individual has a specific time for certain things to be accomplished in life. You may look at your friends for example, and keep wondering about the rapid progress they have made in life.

The truth is that everything happens at their own pace. They have their own time and clock and you have yours, so be patient if you desire to become successful in life.

Don’t envy others making progress in life

Jack Ma started Alibaba at age 39. At that age, some of his friends were still struggling to make meaning out of life. Virgin Group was started by Richard Branson when he was 34. That would be considered, a major achievement.

These men achieved success, not because they were looking at their friends and colleagues, but because they intentionally desired success and worked hard towards achieving their goals in life. It all boils down to doing what gives you joy and happiness.

Be happy with little success

Celebrating the little achievements and never getting discouraged is the beginning. Everyone who becomes successful in life started from the very bottom. They never achieved their great accomplishments overnight.

When we are happy with the little success we achieve in life, it opens door to better opportunities. Clinching the bronze medal in the Olympics was a huge achievement for Weightlifter Christine Girard of Canada at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Six years later, Christine became a Gold medalist when Maiya Maneza of Kazakhstan and Svetlana Tsarukaeva of Russia who won Gold and Silver were disqualified for taking banned substances. It may have taken years, but hard work surely pays a huge dividend.

Be consistent and success will show up

Consistency is always synonymous with those who achieve great things in life. No matter how slow the progress may seem, keep moving, and never stop trying. What you consistently pursue and desire will eventually become a reality.

It takes a strong commitment to not only your passion but also your personal life and family life to truly become successful.

Been imperfect can sometimes be perfect

Been imperfect can sometimes be perfect

We are imperfect beings created to flourish in our unique ways. So often in life, we want to create the perfect relationship, that perfect lifestyle, that perfect business model. Unfortunately, it may never end up the way we plan.

I have gone through the route of imperfection in my life’s journey. It was a journey that saw me striving to do things perfectly in the best possible way. It all ended up miserably, as the more I tried, the more I soon discovered the futility of the process.

How did I handle perfectionism

There were several steps I took when I realized the idea of perfectionism wasn’t helping me to be fulfilled in life. These steps have so far helped me to evolve into a better person than what I was yesterday

Accept your frailty

As humans, we have our unique strengths, and we also have our weaknesses. That is what makes us human. When I realized my weakness won’t make me live a perfect life, I had to accept my frailty and enjoy my imperfect state. This has helped me to gradually work on those areas that need to be improved upon.

The moment an individual fails to accepts his/her weakness, the ability to live a fulfilled life is drastically affected. We all make mistakes and these mistakes result from our imperfect states as humans. The first and most important step was accepting my weakness. It opened the door to my evolving into a better person and breaking free from the chain of perfectionism.

Work on your area of imperfection

While growing up, I was extremely shy. So shy that I had difficulty relating to the opposite sex. but when I accepted my frailty and imperfection, I started working on that major weakness.

It took years, but eventually, I evolved into a more confident and assured individual. It all started from the moment I accepted my frailty and the fact that chasing after perfectionism wasn’t doing me any good.

I joined the local choir in my church in a bid to improve my self-confidence and my phobia of imperfection. I also started attending some youth programs within Nigeria. These self-improvements and Information based classes created a platform for me to interact with other youths and also gave me the needed boost to become self-assured in my career pursuit.

It is not enough to accept your imperfection. Actively working to improve those areas where you need improvement is paramount. You don’t rejoice in been born into a poor family background. You work towards breaking the chain of poverty and liberating your generation yet unborn. I had to practically work on my imperfection.

Create room for tolerance

Another practical step I took in my bid to overcome perfectionism, was creating room for tolerance. In life, you will always come across different shades of people. The lazy, the hard-working, and even the perfectionist.

I have had my fair share of these, and when I created a mindset of tolerance from the onset, it enabled me to deal with the challenge of working with perfectionists. One thing you will notice about those who want to create an air of perfectionism around themselves is this: “They would tend to make all your effort or hard work seem inadequate”.

You can never please the perfectionist. They would always lookout for a fault in whatever you do. So the key was to create room for tolerance. Accept that you will encounter those who still believe in perfectionism. That room of tolerance you have created will enable you to deal with such a scenario when it arises. You don’t feel inadequate. You don’t feel insecure or victimized. You only learn valuable lessons from those who still cling to the dogma of perfectionism.

Improve daily

Though I don’t believe in perfectionism, I choose to improve on myself daily. This is a practical decision I started implementing more than a decade ago. I try to become a better version of myself. I don’t strive for perfection, because as humans, we can never be perfect.

There is always that element of condemning the efforts of others if we try to pretend or claim to be perfect because, in your eyes, you keep seeing the mistakes others make.

Improvement is both inward and outward. I strive daily to improve in areas where I know I am lacking. As a Content Writer, for example, I read books, watch videos on self-improvement, and try to implement these ideas in my daily life. Outwardly, I strive to improve my interpersonal relationship with others. Become more friendly, more helpful, and more accommodating.

It is a process, and just like a journey, been imperfect can sometimes be perfect, because it gives you room to be yourself and to learn daily. You don’t get to be too hard on yourself because you not perfect. These steps have made me appreciate life better and create sufficient room for those struggling to achieve their dreams and goals in life.

Every day

Make every day your best day

How do you feel about your life today?

Are you living every day in excitement?

Do you love what you are doing presently?

Are you looking forward to what is coming up next?

Are you living your best life?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a No, it means you are not living your life to the fullest. You deserve nothing but the best!!

Each day we wake up, what we have before us is a new opportunity, a blank slate that we can fill with whatever we choose. We are in total control of what we achieve each day. Do not be held back by what happened yesterday, the day before, the week before, the year before, or even decades ago rather, live in the present moments.

Do not spend your time trying to be someone that you are not. Work towards becoming who you want to be and stop living your life based on the ideas of other people. Start to take charge of your day and use every minute to better yourself.

There is no need to live a life that you’re not happy about. Nobody is going to get you to the life that you want. It is up to you to work for it and achieve it. It is high time you start living the life that you see every time you close your eyes.

 It is never too late to choose your dreams and achieve them. No matter how old you are, it is achievable, as long as you follow your dreams. Never be too comfortable living a life you never wanted.

No matter how bad you might have screwed things up in the past, no matter how far you have gotten from what you want to do, you can always turn things around. With a change of attitude, you can enjoy satisfying, wonderful, and beautiful days by making small changes in your daily life.

It all begins from the very moment you decide to make every day the best day of your life. It’s your life. It is possible to become what you ever dreamed to become in life. You are in charge and you have every right to live it to the fullest!

Fighting gracefully against all odds

Fighting gracefully against all odds

One of my favorite quotes comes from an ancient philosopher. He had a clear knowledge of what it looks like going through life challenges. Hear what he had to say: “Be Kind. For everyone you meet is Fighting a Battle you know nothing about”

This amazing quote had changed my perspective about life and how I look at others going through one challenge or the other. You can never tell because of some smile through the pains. You can only see the beautiful face, but deep within is a raging battle.

For the beautiful Lilac, her battle started when she was just 34 weeks old. She had to be placed on life support after she contracted Sepsis and her organs started shutting down. It was a battle for survival, but the charming Lilac was up for the Fight.

Not long after, she was discharged from hospital and everyone thought she had won the battle, but how wrong we can be at times. It was never to be, as Lilac was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy at eight months old.

It would have been too much a battle for some, but not the brave Lilac. She came out fighting courageously. Her story is an inspiration to be shared across the world. The story of courage, strength, tenacity, joy, and happiness.

She walked against all odds

The initial prognosis was that Lilac could not walk. It was a devastating blow to the parents, but one beautiful thing I have come to learn about life is the fact that when we are determined to chase after our dreams, nothing can stop us.

Lilac was fighting with all of her might to walk. Her beautiful spirit was too strong to be held back. Daily physiotherapy sessions were done, to strengthen her pretty legs. Each new day brought positive results as she learned how to walk by herself

Charming smiles always

Lilac was never weighed down by her troubles. Watching her kid brother running around and she looking helplessly without being able to join, maybe a bit tough for 3 years old. But she had a beautiful dream. A dream that kept a beautiful smile on her face.

Her desire to keep fighting until she can walk independently has always kept her going. There is presently a fundraising page at Just Giving to help her achieve her dream. Her beautiful spirit has always been kept strong by the support of family and friends.

She presently has access to a hot tub which soothes her tired legs after a long walk, but she keeps smiling always. Making use of walkers and other walking aids to build her leg stamina is currently in progress.

The future is bright

When we never stop fighting, there is always the possibility of getting to our destination in life. For the beautiful Lilac, her tremendous progress over the last couple of months has been amazing. The future is bright, as there is a huge possibility she would walk unaided very soon. She was born a warrior and warriors always fight till the very end.


Don’t judge others without showing kindness

We often judge people when in fact we have no reason to do so. From a distance, it is easy to even condemn others and call them names, because we don’t care about them.

The question is: “Have we taken out time to show kindness before we judge them”? Do we know what they are going through on the inside? To build takes time, but to condemn only takes a few minutes.

People may not be as bad as they are been painted. Rather than judge or condemn them unfairly, take out time to first show them kindness.

I recently stumbled on a beautiful story online. It depicts the essence of showing true love rather than been hasty in passing out judgment on others. A story that teaches us the need for patience and kindness.

A couple had been married for several years without a child. For companionship, they bought a Rottweiler puppy, named it Miley, and loved her like a child.

The dog had access to all the rooms in the house. The puppy grew to become a large, beautiful dog and had on several occasions saved the couples from robbery. Miley was always faithful, loyal, and defended its owners against many dangers.

Seven years later, the couple was blessed with the long-awaited son. They were very happy with their son and naturally decreased the attention they had given to the dog. Miley felt neglected and began to get jealous of the baby.

One day the couple left the baby sleeping peacefully in his cradle and went to the terrace to prepare a roast. They were shocked as they were heading to the nursery and saw Miley in the hallway with a bloody mouth, wagging its tail.

The dog’s owner thought the worst, they pulled out weapons and began to beat the dog they had loved for many years… after so much beating, they killed the dog… then they rushed to the baby’s room, there was blood everywhere and blood dripping from the baby’s cot… they slowly walked to the cot and found a beheaded snake very close to the baby.

Miley killed the giant snake. Then they realized they had butchered an innocent dog who was faithful to its death. There was a pang of instant guilt that enveloped them when they realized how cruelly they had misjudged Miley’s intention.

How often have we misjudged people without finding out facts? How easy do you give up on those who are faithful to you? What the heart sees is far greater than what the eye sees.
Never judge people by their looks, present situation, and present lifestyle.

Most of us judge people by what we expect them to be, without finding out who they are. Not everyone can relate to you exactly what they feel and how they feel about you!!

How I wish Miley could talk. She would have expressed her love for her owners. The next time we are tempted to judge and condemn anyone, kindly remember the story of a faithful dog, Miley. 

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